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A Lovie (or luvvie as it’s traditionally spelt) in UK parlance is your stereotypical theatre actor, your Sir Laurence Olivier types who delight in their craft, call everyone darling and are often as camp as Christmas. They’re every bit as wonderful as they sound and they often win shiny awards – which is exactly what we’ve just gone and done!

connecting cultures

Yes, in this instance the Lovie is an award for excellent Internet content. They’re the European arm of the prestigious Webby awards, effectively the online Oscars, so in our line of work they’re a pretty big deal. Obviously we strive for excellence in every aspect of every job we do, otherwise what’s the point? We like to think that we achieve pretty bloody good more often than not and our clients seem to agree, which is obviously the main thing, but at the end of the day we’re not too shallow to covet a nice shiny award that confirms the fact.

You may have previously read this blog about our ‘Connecting Cultures’ films that were nominated, they were a series of short films we produced with The Wall Street Journal for Star Alliance and National Geographic. We went all around the world filming top travel journalist/action adventurer Robert Reid as he took on challenges and immersed himself in the local culture, everything from fighting in the Muay Thai rings of Thailand to building and – then sleeping in – an igloo with the natives of Northern Canada. The experience was amazing and the films are some of the best we’ve ever made.

The films were entered in the ‘Long Form or Series (Branded)’ category which meant we were up against some pretty stiff competition from major agencies and even broadcasters (BBC Worldwide featured). All things considered, to come away with anything would have represented a major achievement. We won the gold award. Top of the shop. Best in class. Numbero uno.

Naturally we held our breath in case of a La La Land/Moonlight type event, but there had been no mistake. To say we are delighted with this result is both obvious and a huge understatement, but it needs saying. We are absolutely delighted, thrilled and over the moon.

In keeping with any awards we have to thank a few people, firstly (and most obviously) the good people at The Wall Street Journal, Star Alliance and National Geographic for having the faith to invite us to collaborate with them on an important project. They were all great to work alongside. Robert Reid also needs a thank you as the films just wouldn’t have worked with anyone not possessing his levels of professionalism, commitment and derring-do. Everyone who contributed from Casual has obviously been thanked personally, but special mention goes to the London crew of Oliver Atkinson and Rebecca Morgan who had the epic job of researching and planning the trips, Matt Farman and Kieran Hodges for the excellent shooting/directing job and the brilliant Alex Kirby who faced the ultimate challenge of chopping down the 30+ hours of footage (per story) into a film that could be in any way described as ‘short’. Everyone excelled and we’ve got the trophy to prove it.

So now we’re all officially Lovies, 24 carat gold ones. And we bloody love it darling.


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