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How video marketing works to increase your social media views

You've produced what is, without doubt, a stunningly excellent video. You're pleased with it, your colleagues are pleased with it and even your boss thinks it's good. All of that doesn't hurt but it's not really going to move the needle for you. In order for that to happen, you need to make sure that the right people see it. Chances are, like most of the world's population, your ideal viewers will be hanging out on social media. But how do you maximise the number of views you get on there? London Exec Producer Arthur Briggs shares some of his thoughts on how social media video marketing works...

Ever wondered how to increase video views on your social media channels? How to get more click-throughs, video views and likes? Well here are a few insights we have picked up from various social media campaigns:


  • Think about your viewer's journey. It’s all about touch points, if your end goal is to drive sales of product, your audience isn't just going to view a post on Instagram and immediately buy. They need to be peppered with content so that, by the end of their week, they can’t think of anything but your product. Atomise or reversion your content and stretch it as far as you can!

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  • Don’t just make a single 30-second version. So many clients make the mistake of thinking of the long form 2-minute video as the main goal. I’m sorry to say this but your audience are much more likely to see your 10, 15, 30-second video than your full length one. Therefore consider what you want to say, make it different to your longer video it should have its own creative and personality.

  • Learn the definition of the word entice. You don’t need to tell your audience everything about your event, product, company etc. You just need to entice them — enticing your audience is exactly why video marketing is so powerful. So put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, what do I need to know at this stage of the ‘viewer journey’? And how do I communicate this as simply as possible?

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Arthur led the production on our work for Breast Cancer Now. It was one of the most effective campaigns we have ever run.

  • Find out where your audience is. A good social media campaign is an experiment, it evolves and grows as the campaign grows. Don’t set every stage in stone before you start because until you do you have no idea what will happen. You might have a huge following on Facebook but actually your Instagram followers are much more active, you might want to speak to people on LinkedIn but they’re more likely to listen on Twitter. Adapt and learn!

Whatever you're trying to achieve with video, our teamof corporate marketing video production experts are standing by to help you get there. Drop us an email or leave your details here and one of them will be happy to give you a call back to discuss your requirements.



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