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A study by Kantar Millward Brown found brands with strong use of brand assets are 52% more ‘salient’ than their rivals.

Expanding your brand consistency throughout all aspects of your content creation, including video production, is crucial for a comprehensive and effective content strategy.

It not only ensures that your brand message and overall aesthetic are maintained, but also helps to increase brand recognition and loyalty among your audience. By using consistent branding elements like color schemes, typography, and messaging, you can create a cohesive and impactful video that resonates with your target audience.

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What are Video Brand Guidelines?

Video brand guidelines are a set of standards that outline how a company's brand should be represented in video content. They play a crucial role in maintaining a consistent brand image by ensuring that visuals, tone, storytelling, and overall brand strategy are aligned across all video materials.


Why do I need Video Guidelines?

Cohesive guidelines increase brand recognition as consistent visual elements and messaging help build a strong and memorable brand identity.

They enhance customer loyalty as a cohesive brand experience creates a sense of familiarity and connection, encouraging repeat business and advocacy

Why come to us?

Over the last two decades, Casual has produced over 15,000 videos for the world's most influential brands. We've consulted with top players on what makes video campaigns successful, cohesive, and effective.

We blend the art of filmmaking with the language of business, ensuring that all your video content plays seamlessly into your business strategy. 

What do Video Brand Guidelines Cover?

Visual Identity

Explore best practices for visual elements such as logos, colors, typography, and graphical elements in video content.


Nail down playbooks for achieving the desired tone and messaging style in scripts, interviews, and acted content.


Establish pillars that act as a framework for developing compelling video narratives that align with the brand's values and messaging

Technical Requirements

Understand specific camera, lighting, and equipment requirements for video production. These could include camera settings, aspect ratios, resolutions, formats, and video quality standards.

Creative Framework

Solidify your brand's identity and establish a seamless and harmonious creative perspective across all your content. Ensure that every piece of brand communication exudes a consistent and captivating voice. This cohesion will deliver compelling content that not only showcases your brand's unique personality but also solidifies its position in the market.

Case Studies

Leading Management Consulting Group

Our client was facing a recurring challenge: they were creating video at a high volume but found that it was disparate and off-brand in terms of style, look, and feel. 

Casual stepped in to create:

  • a set of easy-to-use motion graphic templates so our client could easily plug in and create content themselves without our involvement
  • a custom set of video treatments to accelerate video projects that they chose to engage with us on
  • a video best practices playbook to ensure that all future content-creators would have a creative framework for video quality, consistency and defined how their brand came to life in video 

Global Hotel Brand

Our client was one of the world's biggest hospitality brands. Video is an essential part of their marketing efforts, painting an aspirational and informative picture of all the properties around the globe. 

With hundreds of locations and disparate content creation teams, Casual stepped in to create a set of video brand guidelines that covered video best practices, like tone of voice, color grading style, sound design, and technical specs for filming.

With all of these elements laid out in a single toolkit, we enabled our client to empower all of its global creators with the right tools to tell their stories. 

Cutting-Edge SaaS Powerhouse

One of our longest-term clients, a leading B2B SaaS provider, needed us to film a multi-episode customer stories campaign, where we highlighted  product use cases. 

Our creative framework ensured all footage shot was consistent in look and feel by defining optimal camera and technical specs. We streamlined the editing style, music choice, and narrative tone across the campaign and ensured that color grading and sound design were cohesive. 

Our guidelines were used to brief other cross-functional teams within the organization and set a standard for consistency in documentation across the company. 

Our Consulting Services


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  • End-to-end video brand guidelines creation 

  • Production operations

  • Best practices for video at scale 

  • Editing Templates 

  • File management and post-infrastructure

Our Consulting Services


let’s talk

  • End-to-end video brand guidelines creation 

  • Production operations

  • Best practices for video at scale 

  • Editing Templates 

  • File management and post-infrastructure

Casual Films have been amazing. They had a great feel for our brand and tone and developed some incredible concepts. They have a talented team and a project manager who handled everything!

— BMW Group

End-to-end Service


As an end-to-end production company, we’ll handle the entire process for you, from creative development all the way through to post production. Your Executive Producer will be your guide throughout, utilizing our Smart Casual Production System and drawing on our network of the best video producers globally. This makes the process simple and effective, no matter what you need to achieve.

Contact our video production team here and find out why our clients keep coming back to us. 


Competition for mind space is fierce.

To stand out and stand apart, brands must work doubly hard.

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