Video post production

Casual Films offers a comprehensive range of video post production services. As a full-service video production company we’d be thrilled to take your idea from concept to social cut-down, but also offer our post-production services in isolation. 

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Video editing

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Editing is where the process where a video really comes together.
There are two main elements to consider when editing. The first is the 'story' or content. The second is the style and feel.

Getting the story right is crucial. To help with this our editors often produce a 'radio edit' as a first step. This is a cut of the film using only audio. If the audience is able to take away the correct messaging just from listening to the video, then you're on to a winner.

In corporate video, the 'story' can often be quite complex - requiring explanations of complex problems, products or concepts. So we build in plenty of time to our edit schedules to make sure the video is hitting all the main talking points.

Once the content is 'locked', then our editors go about adding the bells and whistles. B-Roll footage, motion graphics, transitions, pacing, music, sound design, voice over - these are all tools editors blend together in bringing your message alive. And our teams have years of experience and plenty of tricks up their sleeve to make the edits as slick as possible.

Sometimes this is about letting someone tell their story, or sometimes it's about throwing the kitchen sink into the mix to produce something dynamic and exciting.

As a general rule, our editors need around 2-3 days to produce a first version of a 2 minute film.

Animation is a popular choice in corporate video. Not only is it great for simplifying complex messaging, but it's also cost effective as it doesn't require any shooting.

Our animation tends to break down into two styles. Character animation and motion graphics.

Character animation, as the name suggests, is animation that involves the personification of illustrations. It's useful for engagement as the audience can connect with the characters in the video.

Motion graphics takes a more infographical approach, using shapes, charts, data and icons as the basis for the animation. It's useful for helping simplify dense messaging.

The animation process can vary. But the process tends to begin with us writing a script and visual description. This will usually be accompanied by style frames that show how the animation will look and feel. Once these have been approved, we will provide a storyboard demonstrating what will happen when, as the animation starts to move.

With a signed off storyboard, we tend to produce around 10-20 seconds of animation per day.

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Mixed media / Motion graphics

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Often our videos are a combination of editing and motion graphics. We call this Mixed Media.

This involves using animated elements or scenes on top of, or interspersed with, live action footage.

The results can help really increase the production value of a film. And help reinforce key messages and takeaways along the way.

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Visual effects and corporate video are not two phrases you might associate with one another. After all, it's not often we need to recreate giant robots from the future!

But used slightly more subtly, adding visual effects as part of video post production can really help enhance your messaging.

Sometimes they can become the basis for the creative treatment, as we did here for Sainsbury's. 

Or sometimes we can use a bit of extra camera trickery to make shots more interesting.

Visual effects



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360º video editing

360 Pano

Editing videos in 360 can be a challenge. How do you tell a story when the audience can be looking anywhere? The answer lies in thorough pre-production, making sure that everything that has been captured doesn't require too many cuts for it to make sense.

IBM Garage -Where it happens

Most of the post production time is spent in a process called 'stitching'. We take the footage from the 360 camera and seamlessly combine all the information into a 'panorama' of the scene. The 360 video player then bends this footage around into a sphere, to allow the audience full control over where to look.

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The post production process for interactive video is a little more involved (and less linear) than normal editing. In pre production, we will have created a 'decision tree' that outlines all the possible branches that the video could take. In pre-production, it's all about populating that tree with the right scenes. Extra time needs to be taken to work out the transitions from one branch to the other to give the user a seamless experience. It's effectively tying several smaller videos together into one larger video, making sure they all follow on from one another. 

Extra functionality can involve adding 'hotspots' - moments in the video where viewers can click a button to reveal more information, usually in the form of a text overlay. 

We can also gamify interactive videos, keeping track of the 'score' throughout a video to give users feedback on their performance. This is particularly useful for learning and development videos.

Interactive video production

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Subtitles, transcription, and translations

With the need for videos to live across platforms and geographies, being able to quickly add subtitles or translations is key to any video delivery. We partner with various suppliers who can turn around most projects within 48 hours.

We'll then usually ask you how you'd like the files supplied. One option is to have the subtitles 'baked in', becoming physically part of the video file and visible to everyone watching it. Or as closed captions - with the subtitles in a separate text file that the video player uses to allow the audience to toggle the captions on or off.

Sound design


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Sound design is usually the last, but no means least, piece of the post production puzzle. We highly recommend everyone adds at least some level of sound design in to their video as the results can take your production to a whole new level.

Much like sound design, color grading can turn a good video in to a great one. By using color correction, and giving a video a color ‘look’, the final deliverable will look far more polished than a film without a grade. The colors and contrast will ‘pop’ that extra bit more, and the tone of the video will better suit the subject matter.

Grading is also useful for any last minute changes or repairs to a video. Making sure your brand color appears as it should. Fixing the shine on someone’s forehead. Dialling back the brightness on a super sunny shot etc…

Colour correcting and grading

Grade Case Study


Delivery and repurposing

Once you have a finished video, that needn't be the end of the process. We can supply reedits, cut downs, and different formats to suit all platforms. It's amazing how much extra content can be produced just from one video. These can be translated in to any language, across and cut to fit any device.