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Could A Job in Video Production at Casual Films Be the Next Step in Your Career?

We are our people. We’re an award-winning, international video production agency because of our team. Could you be one of them? 

If you’re a mid-career video production specialist, with 3–5 years of experience, looking to work at the forefront of corporate video production with an award-winning team, look no further. If you’re aged 16–25 and new to the industry or simply think it may be a great step for you, check out our section on training offered through The Casual Academy.

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Planning Your Career in Corporate Video Production

Whether you’re an established professional looking to grow, or a new graduate still wondering exactly how to become a video producer, taking time to plan your ideal career trajectory will help you select the opportunities in corporate video production that benefit you. 

With that in mind, here’s a quick refresh on the benefits of working in video, and some of the career paths available to you at a full-service agency like Casual Films.

1. There’s room for everyone.

So much goes into making a film that a job in video production isn’t all about knowing your way around a camera. There’s ample room for people with divergent interests and talents. From directing, editing, cinematography, sound, lighting, and more — take your next step towards what you’re truly interested in.

2. No two days are the same.

Video production career prospects may vary per specialization, but the one thing every position has in common is that every day brings a fresh challenge. That’s especially true at Casual Films, where our wide range of services to leading global brands regularly puts our team at the creative edge.

3. It’s the truest kind of teamwork.

Sure, you can absolutely make a passable film alone in a field with your iPhone; but a multimillion-dollar project for a corporate client takes teamwork. The creative collaboration that drives a film from pre- to post-production is one of the toughest ways to make art, and also the most rewarding.

4. It’s a pandemic-proof profession.

Thankfully, with just a bit of tweaking, continuing our work at Casual Films was possible during the pandemic. While some pursuing video production as a career (especially freelancers) have not been so lucky, a major benefit of working as a close-knit team in this profession has been the ways in which we could reimagine filmmaking, while staying safe. Hear from a Casual Filmer, as they navigated being a new parent while working remotely in video production.

5. You’ll take ownership over your work.

In video production there are no mindless desk jobs or seas of cubicles — every single person takes ownership of their contribution to the final product. While this can be daunting to some, if you’re the perfect fit for the industry this will excite you.

6. You’re signing up for lifelong learning.

Whether you’re upskilling on immersive and 360 video techniques, or simply getting a headstart on how to use the latest gear, you’ll never stop learning — even if you’ve been on the job for decades. What’s more, at Casual Films you’ll have the opportunity to pass that knowledge on through initiatives like The Casual Academy.

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The Casual Academy: Helping Budding Filmmakers Gain Industry Experience

Our training academy gives 16–25 year olds from diverse backgrounds hands-on industry experience. This gives them an opportunity to build their resumes and a chance to see behind the scenes of filmmaking.

We hold sessions in our home cities, including London and New York. During each Academy, trainees attend skills workshops, and crew alongside our professional filmmakers to produce a free film for a local charity that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. 

So far, we’ve reached more than 150 new filmmakers in this way. We’d love you to either join us as a prospective candidate or volunteer to skills-share as a member of the Casual Films team. Check out some of our Academy videos below!

Guardian Gym

Oakland Academy film, 2018, sharing how Guardian Gym has supported at-risk youth in West Oakland, California.

Back on My Feet

New York Academy film, 2017, promoting a national nonprofit that uses running to combat homelessness.

Beating Bowel Cancer

London Academy film, 2016, for the UK’s leading bowel cancer charity.

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Working at Casual Films: Our Culture and Values

We’re proud of being a fantastic place to work, and actively fuel a culture that supports cutting edge, award-winning corporate video production without compromising on our team’s work–life balance. 

Successful Casual Filmers subscribe to these 5 values — if you’re hoping to explore your video production career prospects with us, we recommend your application includes examples of how you embody these values in your own work.



1. We’re Passionate About Making Our Clients Happy

Our clients are the reason we get to tackle the creative projects we do — they have plenty of options when choosing how to execute their video production projects and we’re grateful they choose us. That’s why we take care to employ people who are naturally passionate about excellent client service, and delighting those who made that choice.

Felicia and Cara (0;00;00;00)
Felicia and Cara (0;00;00;00)-1


2. Our Team Are Proactive and Can-do

Video production is basically continual problem solving wrapped in the irresistible opportunity to tell a visually compelling story. The Casual Films team needs to think on their feet and act on initiative. We’re solutions-focused, and proactively keep this responsibility off our clients’ shoulders.


3. We’re Team-Spirited and Accountable

Our crews work together closely, to create a product that fully expresses their collective skills and experience. We hire and promote video production professionals that demonstrate leadership by fostering effective teamwork and happily take responsibility for their actions.

Lexi and Fritz (0;00;02;15)
Arthur (0;00;00;00)


4. We Relish Doing More With Less

We produce work which shows tangible results for our clients. To do this, every invested penny needs to show in the final product. That’s why we love to welcome people to the team who think creatively, and with thrift.


5. We’re Open and Positive

We believe that storytelling is one of the most important jobs in the world, even if it’s hardly a matter of life or death. Working at (or with) Casual Films should be enjoyable for everyone involved. Having a positive mindset, even at a 4am call time, is central to this.


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Top Picks From Our Portfolio

We help some of the world’s top brands communicate their values, build community, extend their reach, recruit and train high-quality staff, and introduce new products and initiatives. 

Working at Casual Films, you’ll have the opportunity to stretch into various mediums — from animation to interactive video — and help our clients harness the power of video to achieve their business goals. Here’s a taste of what’s possible: top picks from our work in recruitment, marketing and branding, and explainer videos.

Rolls-Royce Employee Stories

Live action recruitment video for Rolls-Royce Germany to attract engineering and tech graduates to their Berlin facility.

Yokogawa Brand Film

Mixed media brand film for extremely precise, Japanese multinational engineering and software company, Yokogawa.

Introducing Avery Dennison’s In-Plant Printing Solutions

Animated explainer video that introduces a new Avery Dennison offering in under 3 minutes.

See More Great Work

There’s plenty more where that came from! Dive into our work and search for the stories that make you tick, via subject matter, business objective, or type.


Everything You Need to Know About Applying to Join Our Team

Well, perhaps not everything… But it’s all you need to know to make the most important choice: whether you’d like to register as a freelancer, or apply for a full-time position. 

At Casual Films, you’ve got the opportunity to do both. If you’re interested in joining our pre-vetted network of freelancers across the USA, EU, and Australia, then click the button below and register.



Many of our trusted freelancers go on to join our full-time team. If you’re ready to take the plunge, check out our video production job vacancies on the Casual Films Careers page.

Hear From Our People (and What Clients Have To Say About Them)

Casual Films genuinely works hard to maintain a great video production company culture. They provide considerable benefits and try to foster a good environment for work / life balance. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to work on a wide range of content. — Read the full review on Glassdoor

“I was impressed from start to finish. The team at Casual Films met our expectations crafting a video that was extremely well-received by stakeholders. They’re smart and skilled. Their hardworking approach complemented their professional management style." Read the full review on Clutch

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5 Reasons You’ll Never Regret Working With Us

The allure of freelancing can seem irresistible, but when you’re constantly threatened by work drying up, or have realized the hard way that your seemingly higher income is primarily sunk into your overheads, it may be worth considering joining a video production company. 

Here are 5 reasons why stepping into a role at Casual Films can be a fulfilling choice.

1. 15+ years’ Fortune 500 experience

Not many companies can boast more than 13 years’ experience delivering content for Fortune 500/FTSE 100 companies. We can.

2. International reach

Our team of in-house creatives and vetted freelancers operate all around the world, in multiple languages — so you’ll have the opportunity to deliver truly glocal video content, and network with multinational teams.

3. Award-winning content

We’re video production content specialists, who’ve won 100+ industry awards. We’ve also been voted the UK’s #1 video production company, 3 years running! You’ll be getting hands-on experience alongside the best in the business.

4. Accountability

We invest every penny into our client’s final product, and expect our team to take responsibility over their projects and for their decision-making. This gives you greater ownership over your work than elsewhere.

5. Long-term partnerships

While we welcome once-off projects, we usually work with clients on longer-term retainers. This means they enjoy the reassurance of high quality content at volume and speed, and you get the opportunity to hone your creative vision as you get to know your brands closely.

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