Using video to explain and promote products and services

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Having a video on your homepage has been shown to increase click-through rates by 80%

“What is it? And how does it work?”. Two questions on the tip of the tongue of consumers and employees everywhere. 

Whether it’s a product or a service, explainer videos are great at increasing your audience’s comprehension and understanding. Once they have a better grasp of the product or service, they are much more likely to buy it/adopt it/implement it.

Animation is a very common approach. It helps simplify the message through clear visuals and voice over. Concepts are broken down into easy to understand illustrations. Processes can be explained through kinetic infographics and typography. 

Live action can be helpful when the product or service is better represented ‘in situ’.

Typically the explainer video process starts with a script. We’ll condense the information down to a suitable duration, using easy to understand language. This becomes the backbone for the rest of the production. We will then suggest various ways to bring that script to life, depending on your budget. Animation. Live action. Mixed media. They can all be executed fairly inexpensively. Indeed the majority of explainers we produce fall within a 8-20K budget range.

Explainer video production

History of Injection Moulding


Case study video

Castrol Case Study


You’ve worked hard on a new project or product, and now it’s time to tell the world about it. 

Case studies are incredibly useful sales tools. Dynamically explaining a project’s problem, solution and results in a snappy two minute film is a great way to pitch for new business. We produce both animations and live action video to help with this. 

Understandably there is potentially a lot of information to include. The case study could cover years of work. We’ll distill the messaging down to the most important components.

Typically you'll want to include existing assets in to the video. We’ll collate all your product shots, screen grabs, photos and even existing video, before bringing it all together into a cohesive look and feel that does justice to all your hard work.

We all know how useful a good how-to video can be. Following along, step by step, is a really effective way to learn new skills (or even refresh old ones!).

How-to videos can be produced really economically. Typically audiences aren’t looking for super high end production value with all the bells and whistles. They want clarity and simplicity. And we’d be delighted to help you do just that.

How-to videos

How to Power Cycle