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Casual Films offers expert social media video production services that help you deliver your message with impact. As a full-service agency we’ll take your idea from concept to social cut-down, and specialise in videos for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.

Find out how each platform can help you build a unique relationship with your audience, and how our social media video production services can help, here.

Facebook videos

Facebook is a great place to engage with your audience, the algorithm Facebook runs targets human-led stories to appear more prevalently on your feed. The more a piece of content is engaged with, shared, liked and commented on, the more traction it builds and the more visible it becomes. You should consider all the ways to display content on Facebook:

  1. Facebook stories
  2. Through a post
  3. Banner video

Facebook stories are quick, fun video/imagery snippets that only appear for a short time. They can create excitement around a product/ new launch or they can be used to keep your audience engaged with your brand on a day to day basis.

A video post will live on your page forever but it is most likely to be viewed within the first few weeks of being posted. This content should be engaging and concise but you can afford to post a longer video should the content be engaging enough to hold the viewers’ attention. The video should be in a vertical or square aspect ratio to maximise the visibility on the newsfeed. You can re-post the video if you want to try and boost views further down the line and they can start to build traction through views, likes, shares and comments.

Your banner video sits at the top of your company’s profile page. Make sure the video works with and without sound as most people will view the video silently. Your banner video shouldn’t host too much detail; it should be a snapshot of what this profile represents. For example, if this is your company’s global recruitment Facebook page the video should be appealing to potential candidates, if this is a closed Facebook page for your employees your video should be more personal and updated regularly.

Overall, Facebook is a brilliant platform to host video content. Facebook along with the other social channels can be used to drive people to your website. Your audience is more likely to openly engage with your content on Facebook and you will get real comments and feedback from your audience so plan the content you share carefully and make sure it’s a worthwhile post.

LinkedIn videos


Linkedin video is still relatively new compared to other social platforms. The perception of video on Linkedin has changed dramatically over the past few years. Originally seen as a platform for long-form B2B content, Linkedin has proven itself to be a great place to host any video content. With a target audience engaging with content from a professional standpoint, Linkedin is the best place for recruitment content and other business specific marketing.

Video content generally earns three times the number of engagements than that of a text only post. You have a large overall duration to play with ranging from 3 seconds to 10 minutes and the option of posting vertical or horizontal video. As with all social media content our social media video production team highly recommends including subtitles, because most videos are likely to be viewed without sound.

YouTube videos

YouTube has been the home of video content for a very long time. You can post any duration you like, but depending on the type of content we would advise the shorter the better! YouTube is generally used to host your video, what this means is that you would upload your video to YouTube and then embed that same video across your other social channels. This means that any views are counted against the same video rather than multiple videos across various channels. YouTube videos also attract a diverse audience, unlike other video hosting platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

YouTube is also a great place for targeted media spend, you can pay to advertise your content on other videos that are likely to attract your target market. Having a hook in the first 5 seconds is key though as most paid for advertising gives you the option to skip after five seconds. YouTube content is best viewed in 16:9 so bear this in mind when planning your video project.

Instagram videos


Instagram is a great place to focus on for any video campaign. When planning a campaign for a single video or multiple pieces of content, Instagram should be the birth place. Mainly used to target a younger audience (gen Z and millennials) Instagram can be used in a variety of ways to get your audience interested in whatever you are marketing. There are a lot of ways to share content on Instagram whether by a generic post which can be viewed, liked, shared and exists on your profile forever or Instagram stories, snapshot videos of up to 15 seconds which can only be viewed within a 24-hour period. Finally, there is the latest trend which is Instagram TV (IGTV), this function is for longer-form content from tutorials to  an interesting story.

Instagram allows you to target your audience in every way possible, as they are scrolling through their feed they will see your post, when they are checking their Instagram stories they will be reminded of you and if they are really engaged they will watch your IGTV content. Our social media video production team also highly recommends you leave a link on a video to other information or your company’s website — it’s a great way to generate traction and allow the viewer to continue their content journey.