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Smart Casual is how we describe our approach to production. It's been developed over 16 years by learning from thousands of projects and iterating on best practices. It's simple...

Our people look after you - offering agile and flexible client service with unrivalled corporate production expertise.

Our proprietary platform looks after our people - efficient workflows that maximise creativity, streamline production and guarantee delivery.

The Smart Casual approach offers a consistent client experience across all our offices and production teams, in which no detail is missed and no ball is dropped.

An enterprise ready solution trusted by some of the biggest names in global business.


Briefing made simple. An opportunity to upload any pertinent information and become acquainted with your dedicated team.

Intuitive search tool incorporating our entire back catalogue. It provides rapid inspiration for what you do - and don’t - like.

Have your staff film themselves! Our app provides on screen instructions and prompts, while automatically uploading footage to the cloud,. Gathering user generated content couldn’t be easier.

Projects allows for seamless collaboration between clients and production teams. Documents, schedules, video’s all in one place to ensure everyone is kept up to speed

A roster of over 1,500 global filmmakers. We can check availability, book, and brief in a flash.

Low cost video production, delivering high quality content. Fast.