Train Your Team With the Help of Casual Films Training Video Production

Why you need training videos, when to use them, and how Casual Films can help

Creating engaging training programs with high completion and retention rates is infinitely easier when you harness the power of video. 

Thankfully, the prospect of excellent employee training videos lies at your fingertips — even if all you’ve got is a great idea, and no idea how to make it happen (hint: we’ve got you covered). 

In this guide, we’ll share why it’s time to dispense with legacy training systems, what you need to know to get buy-in from stakeholders for professional training video production, and how Casual Films can help you kick off training programs that onboard, motivate, and develop your team.

5 Benefits Of Professional Training Video Production

Contracting with training video production companies may seem like overkill in an era where generic content is freely available online and smartphones make everybody feel like they’re a filmmaker. But when you’re tasked with onboarding, developing, or motivating your team - your most important asset - can you afford to risk average-quality content?

Need to know more? Here are some benefits that you’ll enjoy when you invest in professional training video production with an experienced service provider:

1. Reliable Access to High Quality Content

With professionals, you’re guaranteed that every training video you publish is of the highest quality, even when produced at volume. A training video production agency has the capacity to produce work at the pace you need, and help you standardize how information is shared and accessed throughout your organization.

2. Getting Buy-In From Stakeholders Is Easier

Working with a professional company will give your stakeholders peace of mind. Reputable agencies have a track record and can easily share relevant examples from their portfolio that will help you motivate your choices to decision-makers.

3. Unsurpassed Cost-efficiency

A video production agency can work with you to repurpose your training material almost indefinitely. From re-edits to creating shorter cuts for multiple distribution platforms, you’ll get the maximum mileage out of any video content investment. You could also film a live training session that you run once, and deliver many times to different teams of new starters.

4. Keep Up With the Competition

Professional quality, branded training videos clearly communicate your commitment to being digital-first, and investing in your team. This helps you drive engagement and retention in top-performing employees.

5. Boost Retention of New Skills

Studies show that people retain 95% of a video message, but only 10% of a written one. Whether you’re onboarding your staff to a new platform or process, or inculcating a new way of thinking, training videos can help you achieve it  reliably.

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How Casual Films Can Help You Deliver Engaging Training Programs

Wondering how to create engaging training videos? We can help! We routinely work with the HR and Training and Development departments at some of the world’s largest and most dynamic companies, so we understand the benefits and challenges of crafting and implementing an effective training video program. (Find out more about our training video production work for enterprise businesses here).

From video content strategy to pre- and post-production, animation, interactive video, and everything in between — here are 4 ways our services and unique production methodology can help you train employees with professional, branded, and future-proofed solutions:



1. High Quality Production Value

We’re not just a loose alliance of freelancers working on a makeshift set with an iPhone and a tripod. Our award-winning team delivers professional content, fast, through our Ariel production methodology — ensuring we work with one vision to deliver content that speaks with your brand voice.

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2. Video Production And Strategy

We’re an end-to-end production company. We’ll do more than just deliver a world-class video to brief — our corporate video production services can take everything from video strategy to post-production off your hands. Whether you just need storyboarding and scriptwriting, or would rather we take care of everything including the social cut-downs — we have the team to do it.


3. Reliable, Personalized Retainers

Ensuring continuous development of high-quality training videos for employees is easy when you sign on with a retainer. It guarantees your production schedule and allows us to gain a deeper understanding of your brand, processes, and goals to deliver truly bespoke work.

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4. Targeted Content that Tracks Engagement

A great film achieves its objective effectively, creatively, and efficiently. We create training videos that are backed by a strategy that ensures they share ideas and concepts simply, and effectively. Tracked engagement metrics ensure you can set clear KPIs that help get buy-in from senior management.

Diversity and inclusion can be one of the toughest initiatives to spearhead. While equality should be the obvious default for teams and organizations, sensitive and nuanced D&I training is essential to guarantee everyone a safe space to work. 

Thankfully, training programs can be particularly effective. Find out how top brands are using Diversity and Inclusion training videos here, or click the button below and take your ideas directly to a Casual Films producer.


Training Video Examples

We’ve helped some of the world’s top brands onboard, motivate, and train their staff with video. Yours could be next. Check out some of our best training video examples here.

The Sony Music Entertainment Values

Animated motivational video sharing brand values with the Sony Music Entertainment team.

Vodafone LGBTQ+ Empowered

Mixed media Diversity & Inclusion training videos that share firsthand accounts of the LGBTQ+ experience from within the Vodafone team.

Explaining Conflicts of Interest at Standard Bank

A 45-second animated video explaining what conflicts of interest are to the Standard Bank team.

See More Great Work

There’s plenty more where that came from! Click the button below and get to know our work, and how we can help you, according to subject matter, business objective, or type.

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What Fortune 500 Companies Have to Say About Casual Films

“Casual Films is the best corporate video production team I’ve worked with in the industry. They are super dedicated. The project earned the team several Telly Awards and the clients are excited about their partnership in the future. Essential to project success, the team is dedicated to delivering quality results. Always available when needed, they’re reliable and trustworthy." Read the full review on Clutch

“Casual Films has become a part of our extended team. Developing a nuanced understanding of the business, Casual Films has continued to provide satisfying deliverables that have communicated the brand accurately. The team has met deadlines and adapted to changes easily. An engaged partner, they have provided insight to establish valuable collaboration.”VP of Brand and Communications, Avery Dennison

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The Investment Factor (Video Case Study)

We take you through an interactive video recruitment campaign we developed for Allianz Global Investors.

“Sizzle” for Deutsche Bank

Preview an interactive recruitment video for Deutsche Bank, and see how we helped them attract only the most qualified candidates.





5 Reasons It’s Easy to Get Project Buy-In When You’re Outsourcing to Us

Heading up L&D for an entire organization is no small task, as your decisions influence everything from employee retention rates to their ability to do their jobs. To ease the pressure and safeguard the success of your initiatives, you may need to outsource to an experienced training video production company. 

Here’s why Casual Films training video production services will deliver on your, and your stakeholders’, highest expectations.

1. 15+ years’ Fortune 500 experience

Not many companies can boast more than 13 years’ experience delivering content for Fortune 500/FTSE 100 companies. We can.

2. International reach

Our team of in-house creatives and vetted freelancers operate all around the world, in multiple languages — so you can deliver truly glocal video content, and communicate effectively with multinational teams.

3. Award-winning content

We’re video production content specialists, who’ve won 100+ industry awards. We’ve also been voted the UK’s #1 video production company, 3 years running!

4. Accountability

We invest every penny into your final product. Enjoy completely transparent costings and a fixed budget that doesn’t change after sign-off.

5. Long-term partnerships

While we welcome once-off projects, clients on longer-term retainers enjoy the reassurance of high-quality content at volume and speed, which hits the brief every time.

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“How much does a marketing video cost?” And other FAQs

Find everything you need to know about outsourcing to a training video production agency like Casual Films, here. Well, perhaps not everything. If your question isn’t answered, feel free to get in touch.

1. How much does training video production cost?

This depends on your needs — check out this video for a closer look at how we approach pricing. Alternatively, contact a producer for a personalized quote based on your unique requirements.

2. Can you help with scripting or creative concepts?

Yes! We’re an end-to-end production company and can assist you at every stage — from creative concepts, to scripting, filming, and video post-production..

3. Can you show me examples of work from my sector?

Absolutely! Check out our portfolio (and filter by subject matter, business objective or type to find your perfect match). Niche industry? Contact us and we’ll send representative work your way.

4. Can you create foreign language versions?

Absolutely! We can translate and or work with multilingual filmmakers to produce work in any language: French, Spanish, German, and beyond. We’ve had our work translated into 37 different languages and counting.

5. How quickly can you produce a film or animation?

We specialize in producing high volumes of high-quality content, at speed. Chat to us about your brief and ideal deadline, and we’ll confirm a timeline you can rely on. There are many factors to consider, so it’s best to get in touch and discuss your ideas — animated training video production, for example, can be a quick and efficient solution if shooting live action training material isn’t practical.

6. Can you reuse existing materials?

Yes, we can. This is especially useful if you’re working with a tight budget or deadline — or you can’t leave your home for months on end! We regularly compile fresh takes from stock footage and existing archival material. We also do social cutdowns and re-edits of nearly all our projects as we want to get you the most mileage from your investment.

Meet Your Training Goals With Casual Films

We’ll take care of your training video production needs while you focus on what matters — the overall strategies that leverage video to hit key L&D objectives that effectively onboards, trains, and retains staff. 

Contact us for a personalized quote, or ask us your burning questions, and let’s work together to ensure you’re delivering industry-leading training programs at maximum return on investment.