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How Do You Make Stock Footage Look Good? | Casual Films

COVID restrictions limited our ability to shoot live action footage for our clients during lockdown earlier in the year. This meant we had to get creative with the different types of video production we could offer and champion our in-house post production talent.

Stock video and user generated content (UGC) became the most cost-effective and engaging way to communicate our clients' messaging. More than ever businesses needed to communicate with their audience, and we were able to support them every step of the way.

Say the words “stock footage” to a video editor and ordinarily you're greeted with a very long yawn in return. Often what people envision with stock footage is endless clips of alpha male business handshakes, overly enthusiastic office meetings and beautiful people with perfect teeth turning to smile at the camera, all with an extra helping of cheese. But it can be a lifesaving part of your video production strategy (as many clients found out).

So how do you make stock video look cool?
At Casual Films we have access to a range of stock footage and image libraries that offer a brilliant variety of appropriate and “fromage free” content that fits most needs. Our editors are well versed in bringing this content to life and finding innovative ways to present it, cut it and link it together to perfectly deliver a chosen narrative, mood and pace. The great thing about stock footage is that it only requires a small team, keeps costs down, and opens up a variety of options for your film that can be easily corrected or updated at a later date if your messaging needs to change.

Below are two examples where our video production specialists have married together stock footage, motion graphics and UGC/existing footage.

Example 1: HSBC Technology and Innovation
The first example, HSBC Technology and Innovation, delivers the key message of innovation within HSBC through a dynamic and stylised edit. Each contributor recorded a voiceover which we cut between, intertwining each voice to create a sense of both diversity and togetherness. This narrative is then brought to life with content provided by the HSBC contributors and carefully selected stock footage.


Related: We’ve even done some COVID-safe filming for HSBC’s recruitment team. Check out this case study for details on how we filmed HSBC recruitment videos remotely.

Example 2: Plan Zero A Mitie Initiative 
Plan Zero – A Mitie Initiative is another brilliant example of how stock footage, simple graphics and sound design can be combined to create a fast paced, slick film that helps engage an audience on important, information heavy subjects that may ordinarily lose their interest. 

Plan Zero – A Mitie Initiative

Bold, clear typography gets the messaging across quickly and effectively whilst quick match cuts and clever shot compositions are brought to life with bespoke sound design. This then acts as a common thread that ties the film together. 

Sound useful? Get in touch with one of our experienced Executive Producers for a test drive, or check out our range of corporate video production services here.

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