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Casual Films offers a comprehensive range of corporate video production services. As a full-service video production agency we’d be thrilled to grow your idea all the way from concept to social cut-down.

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Location filming


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In corporate video production, location filming means filming somewhere outside a traditional studio setting. Be it in an office, a private home, an iconic street in San Francisco, an exclusive golf club in the Bahamas, or anywhere in between Casual has extensive experience producing location shoots. Our teams can come to a pre-selected location (for example, your company’s office) or we can find the perfect setting for your film, such as a modern loft, a suburban home or even a famous museum. Not only that, but we also handle all the permitting, cost negotiations and clearances.

Video interviews are a tried and true way to build the narrative of a film. Seeing real people on camera, instead of an actor or spokesperson, is a great way to connect with the audience on a human level, as the interviewee can speak to their own experiences and provide insight on the subject matter.

The key to successful video interview filming is to ensure the person interviewed feels comfortable on camera. Our team of producers and directors are skilled in walking no-professional talent through the steps to make sure they are prepared, comfortable and come across well on camera.

Video interview filming

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Video directing

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A lot of the work we do comes together on set, where the crew and video director come together to bring the creative brief to life.

Camera operation

A good camera operator is crucial to any corporate video production. Skillful camera operation can instantly elevate the production value of any film. Casual Films has a team of talented in-house filmmakers who help bring the creative brief to reality. We also work with a select roster of freelance camera operators and we match their unique skill set to a given project.


Cam Op

Videographers, often called Camera Operators, are the people responsible for operating the camera. Good videographers mean good footage, which leads to a better end product. In addition to our in-house team, we also work with a roster of talented videographers from around the world.


Cinematographers is the term used for a motion picture director of photography. This is the person who works closely with the director to capture the story visually through the usage of camera angles, camera movement, lighting and lens selection. Casual works with a team of talented directors of photography whose work has been seen on major television networks and streaming services. Our roster of freelance cinematographers are matched to projects based on their individual and unique set of skills.

Filming services


Casual Films is a full-service video production agency and along with creative development and post-production, we offer our corporate video production services around the globe. Our crews have filmed in 35 countries.

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Using professionally trained actors can be a good option when “real people” are not available. Casual Films has experience organizing casting sessions and vetting actors to ensure they are strong performers and have the right look for the film.


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Presenters can lend charisma and gravitas to a production. Casual Films has extensive experience in casting the right presenter (or spokesperson) for our clients’ projects. We work with top casting directors to ensure that we have access to the best talent for the project.

Hair and makeup

Having a hair and makeup artist, or HMU, on set is one way to ensure the people on camera will always look their best. A top notch HMU will ensure that the makeup is light and natural and that the individual on camera looks and feels their best. Casual works with a team of talented hair and makeup artists who have worked extensively with both actors and “real people” and truly understand how to put people at ease.

360 video production


360 Video Production presents a unique set of challenges (and opportunities). By its full surround nature, there are no obvious places to hide lights and other “behind the scenes” production equipment. Extensive planning and location scouting is necessary to create a truly immersive 360 video experience. From pre-production to final delivery, Casual Films has worked with brands such as Procter & Gamble and IBM to bring their 360 videos to life.


Frequently our clients request that we provide stills photography for the shoot. Casual Films has booked photographers in locations such as New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, the Bahamas, among other locales.


Studio production

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A studio production allows for full control of the environment: how it looks, the lighting and sound. A set may be built, or a greenscreen may be used.

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The technological advances in drone technology mean that it is now possible to capture beautiful visuals through drone filming. Aerial photography, once expensive and exclusive, has become accessible through drone filming services. The proliferation of drones means the industry is becoming heavily regulated. From a production standpoint, this means ensuring the drone operator is licensed by the FAA and fully insured. Permits must always be pulled and all FAA regulations adhered to ensure successful drone filming. Casual Films has facilitated Drone filming services in major metropolitan areas such as London, New York and San Francisco.

Drone filming services  

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