Fundraising videos are an effective tool to succinctly get your message out and ask your viewers to take action with donations. The key to these videos is to be direct with your message so the viewer knows what exactly their dollars are supporting.  It's important to have a clear call to action to round up the video as you want your viewers to take action and donate.

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Every charitable organization has an impactful story, it's why they exist. That story should make people feel. It can make them feel sad, happy, inspired, and hopeful. Emotive storytelling leaves a mark on viewers. We all remember how something made us feel versus the exact details we heard.

What creates an emotive story is the subject and script. It's about making our subjects feel comfortable and be able to open up on a vulnerable conversation. Our Producers have interviewed a wide range of individuals from all ages and situations. We understand how to navigate sensitive topics and create an open welcoming production environment.