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Casual Films offers a comprehensive range of training video production services. As a full-service agency we’d be thrilled to grow your idea all the way from concept to final cut. Our specialist teams can help you onboard, motivate and develop your team through the power of video.

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Video finds a range of uses in corporate learning and development. As a training tool, it can be used to illustrate ideas and set up discussions, or it can be used to host and run the whole process as part of an interactive platform. As a motivation and engagement tool, video is used to communicate company news and concepts like values or ways of working.

It allows you, as practitioners, to standardise the way information is shared and accessed throughout your organisation. Both animation and live action video are regularly used for this type of communication, depending on what is being communicated. Animation is typically used to share intangible, complicated, or abstract concepts (ask about our animated training video production services here).

Live action favors concepts more human in nature. For example, when sharing your company’s values and how they resonate for specific members of staff.  But no matter what you need, our expert team can help. From onboarding training, to equality and diversity training videos and everything in between — our training video production services have you covered.

Training videos often get a bad rep. We've come a long way since the poorly enacted, over dramatized training videos we saw in the 90s. Nowadays, training videos are more creative and useful than ever. Studies show people retain 95% of a video message vs. 10% of what they read. For this reason, companies have been getting creative with executions going in a variety of directions as well as topics.

Whether you're training staff on a process, a way of thinking, or changing perspectives/behaviors, at Casual Films we've done hundreds of training video examples over the past few years and understand exactly how to craft the right message and visuals to get the most retention from your audience.

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At Casual Films, we understand the nuances of corporate video production. We know it's not only about creating a professional looking, high quality training video. It's about approaching the project, the set, and the executive talent with the utmost professionalism and organization. We normally film during operating office hours, so we try to leave the smallest footprint possible.

We've filmed anyone and everyone from the C-Suite, to the associate level. The feedback, time and time again, is "I've never worked with such a talented and professional crew. Thanks for making us feel so comfortable."