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Casual Films offers a comprehensive range of recruiting video services. As a full-service agency we’d be thrilled to grow your idea all the way from concept to social cut-down and have specialist teams that can help you attract, recruit, onboard and retain top-quality candidates.

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Are recruiting video services worth it? Here’s why we think so!

Video is a powerful recruitment tool as it allows you to show what your business and job roles are all about in an easy to digest way. Thoughtfully produced recruitment video keeps your messaging fresh for a long period of time, helping you to get far more ‘bang for your buck’ than some traditional recruitment methods. Coupled with the fact that video is the way that the vast majority of your audience prefer to receive information this makes it a tool which is difficult to beat. 

How does it feel to belong to the community that makes up your business? Recruitment videos can show you that. What is your culture like? An Attraction video can show prospective employees that. What do new joiners need to know about their first days at the firm? An onboarding video can show them that.

Casual Films have specialised in recruitment and employer brand video for the last ten years - since winning the Work of the Year at the prestigious Recruitment Advertising and Design Awards twice and the Best Video Category 4 times (more than any other company). Our executive producers are on hand to discuss whatever you are trying to achieve with your recruitment video, so drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help you achieve your objectives.

Use recruiting videos to generate awareness and attract candidates to your company.

Video is an extremely powerful tool for helping the best candidates to find your business and the roles that you have available for them. Each video you produce can be reversioned to be suitable for any social media platform. This helps to get your message out to wherever your potential applicants may be.

Millennial job seekers are 4x more likely to watch a recruiting video about a job than read the same information.

Recruiting video production

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BMW Recruiting Video

Effective recruitment is more than just a simple transaction. It takes a series of touchpoints — from the initial awareness and attraction through role selection, the application process and successful onboarding as a new member of your company. Over the years Casual Films has made films for every step of this process for some of the world’s largest and most well known companies. This means that no matter what you are trying to achieve with your recruitment video we have produced films for similar reasons while up against similar challenges.

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One of our onboarding projects reduced post-offer withdrawals in the highly competitive energy industry by 93%!

Onboarding videos

Starting a new job can be a scary experience. There is a lot to learn, people to meet and systems and processes to understand. Video can play a role in helping new joiners to feel part of the business they are joining. You may choose to share your content with them as part of a welcome pack or during their first week in the office. Whichever you choose, video is the perfect tool for educating and including them in the history and culture of your business.