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Clarity of Messaging: Our Game-Changing Campaign for Google

Your message needs to punch through & energize your audience to act. It’s why we always start with understanding your audience goals first, then developing the videos you need to deliver on them.

The Casual 5Cs focus every piece of content we make on a core set of operating principles. These principles have been built through years of client best practices, blending creative excellence with commercial execution. Each C is an interconnected pillar that goes into the development of every piece of content we make.

Our third C is message clarity. A clear message overcomes confusion by making sure you are seen, heard, and understood. Using our copywriting and editing expertise to deliver crystal-clear, scroll-stopping messaging that travels globally and translates locally.

Google were launching its new ‘Global Site Tag’ feature and needed to communicate the how, what, and why to predominantly small business owners.

Website tagging sounds complicated and/or boring, and the education surrounding it is arduous. Yet it’s really important that it's done correctly. Tags are crucial in measuring the effectiveness of ads and web pages, yet they often get overlooked. Google Tag is the answer, yet few people understand how it works.

Since the product is intangible, it was difficult to explain.

Casual created a clear explainer animation using an easy-to-understand ‘problem, solution, benefits’ framework.

But to overcome the technical/complex processes, Casual designed a visual language to represent and communicate the subject matter.


A combination of character animation and motion graphics ensures the video feels approachable while making the content accessible and easy to understand.

“People are 85% more likely to buy your product or service after watching a video about it.” 
- Venngage

Creating message clarity is just one of the ways we ensure that your content cuts through all that noise out there to get to your audience and connect with them. 

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