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Our BMW Journey : Part Three

The Results

This is the final section in a three-part blog about our journey with BMW. In this post, we will discuss how the films performed once released and conclude with some takeaways that we learnt from the process.

So, over 60 films delivered and ready to go live. You have likely all been in this position before, you have worked so hard to get your film(s) ready for launch and you are waiting for the perfect moment to post it. You wait nervously proof watching it for the fifth time until finally you click… it’s live!

Image 6

Now you sit back relax and wait for those likes, shares and reposts to roll in right. WRONG! One of the biggest mistakes you can make is thinking that you are done. Your film is still just a little seedling at this stage and it will need some nurturing to get it growing.

That’s exactly what BMW did the employer branding campaign. They pushed spend into paid for advertising, boosting video views to give the films more visibility online. They optimised the videos for reach meaning that the success of the campaign would be measured in organic video views.

Image 7We provided BMW with vertical and square versions of all films which gave them better visibility across all their channels. Subtitles were added in both German and English so they could be both understood by a larger audience (their main target audience) whilst also being functional without audio. 

FACT - Most videos viewed on mobile devices and via email

are viewed on silent.

Across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube the main employer brand film received a combined total of:

  • Nearly 34 million impressions
  • Over 8,000 reactions/likes

Not only that but the film also generated 200 applications from BMW candidates despite not being targeted for that purpose.

Image 9

The films have been a huge success, partly due to the amazing work from the Casual Team #stayhumble, but also because BMW didn’t just release the films without a structure and plan in place to ensure they achieved their goals.

So here are my three takeaways from our journey with BMW, these are the things I have learnt from the amazing partnership with the BMW Group over the last few years that I hope will inspire you on your next video project.

  1. Be Brave – you may have a tried and tested method, production company or story to tell but the content you are producing is likely the same, ‘tried and tested’. Experiment, be bold and have faith in us; we will make sure your next film blows you away.
  2. Get involved – yes you must be brave but you also have to steer the ship. No one knows your brand or product better than you so work with us to tell your story. Collaboration always creates a great story
  3. Stay focussed – know what you want your film to achieve from the outset, set targets and goals if you exceed them set new ones. We will help you to get your film to the start line it’s up to you to click… and go live!

If you want to see all the great content we have been working on not only with BMW but all our amazing clients go to the ‘Work’ section of the website and have a browse. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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