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Five Films You Need to Make in 2021

Having wrapped up a year of endless surprises, new normals, adapting and adjusting, inspiration can be hard to come by. Well, here are a couple of films to help get the imagination flowing again...

The great thing about working in this industry is that you can have the chance to be creative every single day. However, even if it's is your main job, there's nothing scarier than creating on a blank page without bounds.

Luckily here at Casual, our creativity is always in lockstep with purpose. What does the film need to accomplish? How can we maximize the clients budget so they get the most value? What new filmmaking techniques fit with the client's brand and their audience? 

Creating within these parameters is an opportunity to make something even better. Imagination without bounds can be exciting, but creating with a purpose is in some ways, even more satisfying. Within constraints, creativity can flourish.

So check out these films to get the creative juices flowing for 2021, and you just might find yourself inspired. 

The 'Recruit the Best Talent' Film

HSBC - Early Careers 
This film we made for HSBC is a combination of animation and interviews conducted over Zoom. HSBC approached us to create a series of honest, genuine videos that depict a true representation of what the the Early Careers Programme can offer new candidates. These films showcase a wide range of personalities and professional stories so that they appeal to a broad audience of potential candidates. Ultimately, the films were a tool to build awareness and interest in HSBC as not only a future employer but also a future career. 
Throughout, we're using the simple metaphor of getting a 'window in' to these employees lives. This is brought to life both through the visuals -- the Zoom interviews are framed as windows alongside the animation. And, in the content -- each interviewee is sharing their honest and true experiences, giving the viewers a peek into their lives. 
The Branded Content Film(s) 
GoDaddy Success Story: Elohim
Over the past few years we have traveled across the US profiling entrepreneurs for GoDaddy. Highlighting people who are following their passions and carving their own path, these 2-3 minute mini-documentaries showcase inspiring stories from GoDaddy's customer base. These stories are then pushed out on their YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. This campaign is cultivating a community of people who are committed to the small-business economy and inspiring others to pursue their own side-hustles and follow their dreams.
These stories serve as a catalog of content marketing for GoDaddy as well as a treasure trove of customer testimonials. Viewers enjoy genuine, human interest stories with strategically placed product mentions within the context of the narrative. This allows GoDaddy to function as its own broadcaster while also increasing brand recognition and affinity. Not to mention, a simple way to get more recognition for their website building services. 
The Fascinating Explainer Animation
IFF - Responsible Sourcing 
Animation is a simple tool to making any complex concept easier to understand. It's infinitely editable and manipulatable -- making it friendly to any piece of content that is evolving constantly or needing to be segmented out for different audiences. The endless possibilities of visuals from characters, icons, maps, to charts can spice up any technical concept. 
This film we made for International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) takes you through their responsible sourcing supply chain initiatives -- framing a primarily process-oriented change in a visually interesting, engaging way that ties it back to broader environmental goals. 
The 'Who We Are' Film (EVP) 


BMW Careers

We love this BMW Careers film because it demonstrates how effective video can be at illustrating company culture. It was produced from the large amount of footage that BMW already had. This was combined with some library footage, motion graphics, and a punchy soundtrack, to deliver an effect that is eye-catching, memorable and effective.

The Films that Make a Difference
Amplifier | We the Future - Amanda Gorman
This week's US inauguration left us with emotions that we haven’t felt in quite some time: hope, relief, and optimism. There is much work to be done still but it's a joy to embrace togetherness, unity, and positivity.

Inaugural Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman’s speech was a true stand out. A few years ago, we had the honor of interviewing her for Amplifier's We the Future campaign. She inspired us then, she gave us goosebumps today, and there’s no doubt she’s one of our leaders of tomorrow. 
Documentary-style films like these profiling activists, artists, and change-makers is a simple way to align a brand with the right side of history. Consumers are drawn to brands that stand for something -- it's more than just making a good product or providing a great service. People are voting with their dollars and putting their backing behind companies they can be proud of. In times like these, there's nothing more important than doing your part for the greater good both as an individual, and as a business. 

Amplifier is a non-profit design lab that builds art and media experiments to amplify the most important movements of our times. Learn more about the We The Future campaign at 

2020 has demonstrated how creative we can get given such stringent filming limitations. Casual Films has pivoted to continue to meet our clients' needs even in our new normal. Need to communicate ever-changing strategy? We've got you covered with delightful animations and snappy edits. Absolutely need to show your employees or facilities? Our team is well-versed in all the COVID-safe precautions to make filming in-person both safe and effective. Sound useful? Get in touch with one of our experienced Executive Producers for a test drive...

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