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Project with The Frameworks wins B2B Content Campaign of the Year

Have you ever thought about the efficiency of your street lighting? It's an essential local government function critical for public safety, convenience, and sustainability. 

When the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (QDTMR) set a goal to update and modernize its street lighting infrastructure, it was an undertaking of a mammoth scale. Recognizing the urgency to lower energy usage, cut costs, and enhance road safety, QDTMR seized the chance to enhance its 35,000 outdated streetlights by implementing smart street lighting solutions.


In partnership with Quantela, QDTMR turned to UST, leveraging their product engineering expertise for the largest smart street lighting deployment in Australia. 

UST's product engineering expertise enabled Queensland's lighting control system, everything from the physical hardware of the lighting structures to the software used city-wide to control them. 

Now, city engineers have the ability to virtually control the lighting system, quickly identifying outages or increasing lighting brightness in the event of a roadside accident or inclement weather.City engineers can also monitor energy consumption, dimming them to reduce CO2 emissions when there is less traffic. Not only are these infrastructure improvements critical for public safety and sustainability, but they also ensure a more secure power supply for the entire region.

Casual jumped in to support The Frameworks in telling this powerful customer success story. The Frameworks partnered with UST to create their 'Boundless' campaign, a series that navigates the biggest topics in technology and business. 

Filmed across London and Melbourne, Australia, our global team interviewed key contributors to tell the full story of this multifaceted partnership. 

QDTMR's lighting infrastructure project was a compelling story to highlight UST's innovation, progress, and technological transformation capabilities. 

A complex topic to unpack, we built our interview questions to ensure that key messaging was covered with clarity and authenticity. The planning was carefully considered across multiple time zones as we facilitated global stakeholders.

When working with our agency partners, Casual acts like an extension of the team as your trusted local presence on the ground. And we often extend as our clients' 'boots on the ground' through our global production capabilities across five continents. 

Our approach to the edit was inspired by the idea of looking through a window to reveal the sophistication of the technology. After capturing our interviewees in their corporate offices, we layered the footage with B-Roll of the interviewees and added stock which brought to life key moments of the conversation. 

Interview angles were stacked side by side and blended with carefully curated stock footage to create visual interest and engaging storytelling.


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