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Pandemic Production: Product Launch Videos for SweetSpotter

In late 2019 we pitched a concept for a revolutionary tennis swing training device, SweetSpotter. It was going to be a dramatic, high energy film, set in a contemporary warehouse space with multiple talent swinging one after the other. We cast tennis players, secured the location, briefed the crew on the intricate lighting…and then the pandemic hit and quickly undid all our hard work. There was no safe way to shoot this concept while our world was plunged into lockdown.

SweetSpotter Promotional Explainer

By the Summer of 2020, New York had adapted to life with masks, and Casual Films began picking up in-person filming again, albeit with much smaller crews. The SweetSpotter product launch was forging ahead and as our client Yann Auzoux, Founder of SweetSpotter, said “you must find a way or make one”. So we did just that. We needed to pivot our creative to factor in safety precautions for crew, while still maintaining the dramatic tone, slow-motion shots and (trickiest of all) working with multiple actors. 

We worked in close (distanced) partnership to secure a suitable outdoor location, recast talent and rework the schedule to allow rigorous covid safety protocols to be met. While the first in-person shoot back on a cold, windy night didn’t go without a hitch (someone even got their first bee sting!) the result was an incredible feat. Director/Producer David, Production Coordinator Fritz and the highly skilled crew pulled off a shoot that was eight months in the making.

Check it out the product launch here.

SweetSpotter Commercial



Senior Creative: Sybilla Harvey

Director/Producer: David Potvin

Production Coordinator: Fritz Polax

Director of Photography: Nick Massey  

Assistant Camera/Gaffer: Greg Mezey   

Production Assistants: Alex Pukal, Julie Han

Editor: Dan Duvall

If you would like an explainer video to promote your new product, just like this, drop us a line. One of our experienced producers will help make your launch a success.

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