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Lexi Mounsey

Lexi Mounsey
Lexi joined Casual Films New York in after 8 years working as a producer in advertising agencies across London and Sydney. She has experience across a wealth of categories, driving the strategy and production of broadcast, interactive, and branded content. Lexi partners with our clients to deliver creative, engaging, effective video.
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Producing effective content in the Asia Pacific region

Posted by Lexi Mounsey
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Lexi Hayes, Executive Producer in Casual’s Sydney office, explores how brands achieve local success in the APAC region.

Video is a critical tool, and creating content that feels relevant to your audience is vital if you want to achieve engagement and effectiveness. Having worked across markets in London, New York and Sydney, as well as developing intricate campaigns for the likes of Tiffany & Co, NewsCorp, and fintech giant Citadel, Lexi can meet with you to strategise and plan your next localised campaign for APAC.

Without wanting to sound too basic here, APAC is not one single market with a shared culture. The nuances between religions, languages, media habits, and values are delicate and diverse. How do you suppose Starbucks broke into tea-focused China? They planned for this. They made a long-term and concerted effort to understand the country’s culture, and to find their own place within it. 

To do localisation right, it needs to be considered while planning a new campaign, before any production occurs. Here are some of the basics to get you thinking ahead.

  • Casual can help you avoid this becoming purely a translation exercise, or an afterthought once you’ve delivered in English.
  • Content should be transcreated vs translated – this takes into account language, tone, style and broader context. The endearing ‘mon petit chou’ of France is not so romantic in New Zealand, translating literally to ‘my little cauliflower’.
  • Using a narrator off-camera will simply require re-recording, making it more cost/time efficient when localising for other markets. 
  • When running content in multiple markets, it is important to consider the diversity of your talent – ensuring they feel relatable to the audiences in each market.

So how are you currently tailoring your brand’s marketing efforts abroad? Let’s talk it through. Businesses can execute in APAC  with Casual Films as an extension of your team. Doing so does not just boost salience with your audience; it brings your brand onto the international stage.

Topics: Production process, Being a better commissioner, Content Strategy, Brands as broadcasters, APAC

Pandemic Production: Product Launch Videos for SweetSpotter

Posted by Lexi Mounsey
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In late 2019 we pitched a concept for a revolutionary tennis swing training device, SweetSpotter. It was going to be a dramatic, high energy film, set in a contemporary warehouse space with multiple talent swinging one after the other. We cast tennis players, secured the location, briefed the crew on the intricate lighting…and then the pandemic hit and quickly undid all our hard work. There was no safe way to shoot this concept while our world was plunged into lockdown.

SweetSpotter Promotional Explainer

By the Summer of 2020, New York had adapted to life with masks, and Casual Films began picking up in-person filming again, albeit with much smaller crews. The SweetSpotter product launch was forging ahead and as our client Yann Auzoux, Founder of SweetSpotter, said “you must find a way or make one”. So we did just that. We needed to pivot our creative to factor in safety precautions for crew, while still maintaining the dramatic tone, slow-motion shots and (trickiest of all) working with multiple actors. 

We worked in close (distanced) partnership to secure a suitable outdoor location, recast talent and rework the schedule to allow rigorous covid safety protocols to be met. While the first in-person shoot back on a cold, windy night didn’t go without a hitch (someone even got their first bee sting!) the result was an incredible feat. Director/Producer David, Production Coordinator Fritz and the highly skilled crew pulled off a shoot that was eight months in the making.

Check it out the product launch here:

SweetSpotter Commercial



Senior Creative: Sybilla Harvey

Director/Producer: David Potvin

Production Coordinator: Fritz Polax

Director of Photography: Nick Massey  

Assistant Camera/Gaffer: Greg Mezey   

Production Assistants: Alex Pukal, Julie Han

Editor: Dan Duvall

If you would like an explainer video to promote your new product, just like this, drop us a line. One of our experienced producers will help make your launch a success.

Topics: Increase brand awareness and appeal, Boost sales and encourage donations

Webinar: Corporate comms evolves with interactive video for ABinBev

Posted by Lexi Mounsey
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We all need a drink sometimes - this year more than ever – but the harmful effects of alcohol are a problem, and something needed to be done about it.

Casual Films and our interactive video partner WireWax worked with ABInBev and their safe drinking force the ABInBev Foundation, to create an epic Interactive video to Reinvent How We Drink.

ABinBev Interactive

Moderation remains a fundamental factor in consuming alcohol, and ABInBev have spent more than three decades promoting responsible drinking, setting Global Smart Drinking Goals to be achieved by 2025. These Goals are informed by the unique and diverse causes of harmful drinking in the 50+ countries they operate. Casual Films traveled to Zacatecas, Mexico; Leuven, Belgium; as well as right here in New York City to uncover the stories of how ABInBev are bringing this change.

AbInBev beer cansAlcohol free beer: all the flavour, none of the danger!

In a powerful 6 minute interactive video, our interactive production partners Wirewax did an incredible job planning and mapping hotspot technology to reveal a deeper layer of content for the viewer. As you watch, there are 13 additional pieces of clickable content to increase engagement, including videos, imagery, articles and social campaigns. The narrative is neatly wrapped up in the hero film, hosted by ABInBev talent and Directed by David Potvin. Shot on location in a Brooklyn studio over one long shoot day, we were able to create a diverse set of locations as a way to reveal relevant stories and navigate the viewer through all facets of the Smart Drinking programme.

Launching on “Global Beer Responsible Day” - Friday, September 18th as a way to reaffirm ABInBev’s commitment to reducing the harmful use of alcohol, this is a campaign we are truly proud of.

Casual Films WireWax ABinBev WebinarIf you are interested in using Interactive Video, or would like to learn more about the process and some of the key pitfalls to avoid, Casual's Nick Francis is going to be discussing the project with Emily Wallen, Global Manager, Brand and Digital Communications at AbInBev and WIREWAX Co-Founder Dan Garraway on Wednesday 18th November at 12pm EST. You can sign up here.

It should be a fascinating discussion and well worth a listen if you want to know more about making really impactful interactive video content.

Topics: Interactive Video, Case Study, Events, Innovation

Video: Choosing the right Aspect Ratio for Social

Posted by Lexi Mounsey
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Film production has had to pivot these past couple of weeks. Our clients have come to us with a mindset and a willingness to take risks to turn disruption into advantage. More and more we’re seeing organizations do more with less to ensure they keep communicating.
Your social channels are a great platform to deliver videos and let your people or your customers know you’re still there. But one size does not fit all – not for social! Having the right aspect ratio is crucial to ensure your film is meeting social best practice, and giving your audience the best chance of taking in your message.
If you have a film you’d like us to resize or cutdown for social, a folder of photographs in the archive from that event you held 2 years ago, or video rushes from your latest company sales update, we can produce a film bespoke for your social channels. It’s quick, cost effective, and gives your organization a leg up, building brand trust.
Get in touch to learn more.

Topics: Production process, How-to, Atomised content, Content Strategy

Video: Messaging Strategy - Addressing your Customers

Posted by Lexi Mounsey
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“A message to our customers”…you’re probably getting a lot of emails to this effect. A video can deliver this same message with emotion, honesty, and connectivity.

When the time comes for your organization to deliver a message to your employees or customers you may know what you want to say, but how exactly do you say it?

  1. Targeting - consider who the relevant audience is and tailor your message to them.
  2. Put your audience first – put yourself in their shoes to determine how you can help them best, and alleviate any concerns.
  3. Keep it simple – short and to the point. Provide a clear action.
  4. Be honest - indicate your intent on how to minimize the impact and follow up when more information comes to light.
  5. Tell them why - if your audience can understand the reason for the decision, they will be more inclined to support you and react with empathy.
  6. Take a moment - say thank you, show your appreciation for their loyalty or hard work.


Casual Films has a fantastic team of creatives who can help craft your video message, and a wealth of tips for video production. Get in touch to bring your message to life.


Topics: Being a better commissioner, How-to, Content Strategy, Coronavirus Content

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