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High value, high-volume, high-quality video-makers.

The important details and the big ideas, we have the production nous and creative integrity to make it all happen.

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Exciting content
for exciting brands.

From wow to how.

Getting personal

An extension of your team.

Embedded within – a little like an in-house video resource. Or just as happy to run with a brief and delivering on your terms. It’s your call.

We plan and we flex. We respond to specific needs, working within – and pragmatically pushing – parameters: time, budget, scale. We always deliver the very best we can, always avoiding unnecessary indulgence.

Tight knit and far flung.

You’ll find us in London, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Sydney, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong.

Casual people, making video, round the world, round the clock. Each city’s in-house Casual team directly connects with its own network of vetted, trusted, and regional freelance expertise. It means we can reach even further, faster for our local and global clients.

It's all about the crew.

Yes, individual talents and traits. No doubt, different points of view and different backgrounds. 

But it's our collective attitude, mutual support, and creative output that matter most. To us, to our wider freelance community, and to our clients. For sixteen years and counting.

The Casual Academy.

The Casual Academy provides 16-25 year olds from diverse, often disadvantaged, backgrounds with hands-on filmmaking experience. 

Working alongside our professional filmmakers, the Academy members attend skills workshops, culminating in the production of a free film for a local charity that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. The charity gets a free film, the young people get the experience of working for a real client.

So far we have reached over 150 young people across our home cities.

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Competition for
mind space is fierce.

To stand out and stand apart, brands must work doubly hard.

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