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Our Revolutionary, 100+ Episode Campaign for GoDaddy

We've partnered with GoDaddy since 2018 to produce their customer storytelling series, "Icons."

The series even won a DigiDay Content Marketing Award for Best B2B Branded Content!

We've traveled to over a dozen cities across the country, profiling small business owners who quit their 9 to 5 to do what they love. These everyday heroes are making a difference in their communities and enriching the local economies of their cities.

4.5 years and 150+ stories later, Icons has yielded serious gains for GoDaddy's online engagement, channel viewership, and brand ethos. So how did we do it? 

The Casual 5Cs focus every piece of content we make on a core set of operating principles. These principles have been built through years of client best practices, blending creative excellence with commercial execution. Each C is an interconnected pillar that goes into the development of every piece of content we make.

Our fourth C is all about coherence with your core purpose to conquer lack of alignment and create value for your company. Delivering content that works towards your larger goals and your wider communication strategy.

GoDaddy came to us looking to create a series of mini-documentaries highlighting the breadth & depth of entrepreneurs successfully using GoDaddy services to grow their small businesses. Domains and website builders aren't a dry subject when you look at the humanity behind them. Behind every dot com, there's an entrepreneur, a business, a community that's banded together around a core purpose. 

GoDaddy tapped deeply into the true uses of their product - websites and domains are the tools that galvanize entrepreneurs to get online and make their dreams come true. They shifted their brand focus and positioned themselves as a trusted partner & the champion of millions of everyday entrepreneurs.

Their brief to us was to foster stronger brand attribution & connection to drive usage of its services & support for its 20 million customer community.

GoDaddy’s existing users were not taking advantage of all the service solutions available to them, and Icons was crucial in expanding the way that most entrepreneurs thought of the brand. We integrated GoDaddy's wider marketing & social teams with value-adding, heart-felt brand stories of people following their passion, positioning GoDaddy as the champion of everyday entrepreneurs.

“Casual has revolutionized the way we collect and tell stories. Their work has directly contributed to the health of our business. 

To produce the same work with our internal team would have required at least 4x more people and significantly more expense and complexity.”
- Jillian Johnson, Brand Manager, GoDaddy

Creating coherence is just one of the ways we ensure that your content cuts through all that noise out there to get to your audience and connect with them. 

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