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Our Award-Winning Campaign for Reckitt

Good creative can cut through the noise of a busy content landscape. What makes for an effective creative treatment? It hinges on the target audience, the campaign's goals, and the willingness to take risks.

The need for your content to be both sensationally show-stopping and spontaneously scroll-stopping for your audience is (not being dramatic) critical.

It has to grab their attention, the messaging has to resonate with them and this has to happen regularly in order for them to form a connection with your brand. The cost of not achieving this can ultimately be irrelevance, dropping into online obscurity. But before you can even worry about that, you have to figure out how to reach your desired audience in the first place!  

"More than 165 million creators have joined the Creator Economy since 2020, with significant growth across all markets."  - Adobe

That’s a lot of noise coming from every device and every direction. A lot of noise to cut through in order to get to the eyes and ears of your all-important audience. You have to consistently outmaneuver this noise, whether your message is an internal video to align your teams, or a consumer-facing film to drive a call to action.

Out-maneuvering the noise starts with answering three fundamental questions;
How will your message be seen?
How will your message be heard?
How will your message be understood?

Your message needs to punch through & energize your audience to act. It’s why we always start with understanding your audience goals first, then developing the videos you need to deliver on them.

The Casual 5Cs focus every piece of content we make on a core set of operating principles. These principles have been built through years of client best practices, blending creative excellence with commercial execution. Each C is an interconnected pillar that goes into the development of every piece of content we make.

The first C is creative, ensuring you stand out from the crowd with show-stopping stories.

We counter low engagement with creative quality that has won over 100 awards & counting. Every brief runs through a rigorous process, tapping into our 90+ story & production experts.

Reckitt - home to some of the world’s leading health, hygiene & nutrition brands - came to us with the goal of differentiating & communicate their vision to reduce & eliminate the use of plastic in their products. The result was a powerful, stand-out video that uniquely used sound & video to deliver Reckitt’s investment & purpose-led message of responsibility to the planet.  

The video is sound design-led, featuring expansive nature visuals. At the end of the video, we then reveal the cleverness of the creative. All the nature-sounds had been created in-studio from plastic. 

This 90-second video is a multi-gold award-winning example of why great creative is so important to a project’s success.

We use the pre-production stage to think in, out, and around the box for the piece of magic that will set your project apart. Get this right, and the rest is easy.

Powerful creative is just one of the ways we ensure that your content cuts through all that content noise out there to get to your audience and connect with them. 

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