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Casual is Officially the No1 Production Company

Casual has been recognised as the UK’s official No.1 Brand and Corporate Production Company! The rankings, by EVCOM and Moving Image, assess all UK-based companies to come up with a list of the Top 50, defined by revenue, peer appreciation, award wins and the number of projects completed.

We also came first in the peer poll, as our competitors’ most admired company. We have topped this list three times in the past but given the quality of our peers in the UK market, this is arguably the more prestigious accolade and one we are extremely grateful for.

We first became aware of what was then the Televisual Magazine Corporate Top 50 back in 2008. At the time, the companies in the upper reaches of the rankings seemed impossibly capable, with scores of impressive clients and endless, stunning work. Just to make the Top 50 makes the companies some of the best content production businesses in the world. That we have climbed that ladder to rank number one among them is a little stunning.

From our beginnings on the road to Mongolia in a 1987 Mini, to a global business with offices in nine cities and nearly 100 staff, we have always tried to stay true to our founding ethos of using the latest technology with a bit of creativity to produce great work for global clients. 

The past couple of years have been challenging, with lockdowns, cancellations and the inability to get the business together. This has been particularly difficult for our team in Hong Kong, which we acquired mid-pandemic.

Despite this, the whole company has pulled together and produced some of our best work, drawing on capabilities and capacity from around the world. This ranking is a recognition of just how far we have come as a business and is reflective of the amazing depth and breadth of the work our team do on behalf of the company. It is also a recognition of all the amazing individuals and businesses that trust us to deliver, and that we’re lucky enough to call our clients.

The exciting thing about this ranking is that we’re only really just getting started. So few brands fully understand just how significant the brand content revolution we’re heading into is. This is a fantastic time for us to say thank you to everyone who has played a role in getting us this far. While this is certainly not the end for Casual, it just might finally mark the end of the beginning.

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