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APV: Celebrating 30 Clever Years Of Content!

It is hard to imagine from APV’s humble beginnings, that it would've evolved and grown into what is has become today.

From its inception as a news agency to broadcasting, documentary and then a successful move into corporate video content and innovative new media, APV has covered all stages of video production and in its thirtieth year of operation, continues to see new and exciting opportunities for growth.

As we celebrate this latest milestone in our companies history, we've been reflecting on the work that we've done and the journey that we’ve been on.

We're so proud to have not only clients that continue to support our business, but that APV has created a positive long-lasting impression on their brands, businesses and organisations as well.

In this film that we’ve created as part of the celebration, Co-founder Mark Erder reflects on how it started, where we’ve been and what has kept us going.

On behalf of all employees past and present we say thank you to Mark, the co-founder of APV and our amazing leader, who has over the last three decades worked tirelessly to grow APV, its business and its people.

For having the insight to foresee and make necessary changes and for having the tenacity to keep going through many turbulent times over the last three decades.

For making APV a loving, supportive organization that clients love to work with time and again.

There are not many people who can honestly say they've built a good company, and even less can say they've built a great company that has lasted 30 years.

We also take the time to thank everyone who have been part of APV’s journey over the last thirty years, to all employees, freelancers and contractors, interns, clients and supporters past and present for making working with APV a wonderful experience.

Without such remarkable talents, APV couldn’t have reached this latest landmark in our company's history.

As APV joins the global agency, Casual, we know there’s a bright future ahead, where we continue to think clever with content!

Here’s to a bright future to come, where we continue to think clever with content!

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