9 Jul | Dan Duvall
Casual can make a lightning quick, cost-effective film for your company or client, using just stills. This can be particularly useful at the minute as it's a bit harder than it used to be to get crews out shooting than it was pre-covid. Here, New York, Editor Dan shares how you can make effective video easily using still images.
The trick to making your videos really eye catching is in adding a little editor wizardry. This makes the film feel polished and helps to deliver your message effectively. In this video, our editor Dan shows us a couple of simple techniques. Photographs or stock imagery are all that’s needed, you can leave the rest to a pro like Dan.
Once complete, we can also resize your film so it’s the best format for the channel. One size does not fit all – not for social! – click here to learn more.

Topics: Production process, How-to, Postproduction


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