COVID-19 will redefine the way we produce and consume content forever.
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Dan Duvall

Dan Duvall
Dan Duvall is an editor who has been working at Casual Films since 2019. He has edited web-based projects for brands such as Factset, GoDaddy and Tiffanys. He has been based out of New York City since 2013 and has been working as an editor for that entire time. Dan enjoys learning & figuring out new keystrokes to optimize workflow and finding the quickest way to navigate the Finder application on a mac.

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Video: Still communicating - Using still images to make video

Posted by Dan Duvall
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Casual can make a lightning quick, cost-effective film for your company or client, using just stills. This can be particularly useful at the minute as it's a bit harder than it used to be to get crews out shooting than it was pre-covid. Here, New York, Editor Dan shares how you can make effective video easily using still images.
The trick to making your videos really eye catching is in adding a little editor wizardry. This makes the film feel polished and helps to deliver your message effectively. In this video, our editor Dan shows us a couple of simple techniques. Photographs or stock imagery are all that’s needed, you can leave the rest to a pro like Dan.
Once complete, we can also resize your film so it’s the best format for the channel. One size does not fit all – not for social! – click here to learn more.

Topics: Production process, How-to, Postproduction

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