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Our Share-Price-Moving, International Campaign for Prudential.

Last week, our blog post focussed on an award-winning campaign we produced for Reckitt, using creative to ensure the video stood-out from the crowd with show-stopping stories.

This blog series gives a little deep dive into the different ways we create some seriously scroll-stopping, show-stopping content for our clients. As we mentioned last week, you have to consistently outmaneuver the content noise, whether your message is an internal video to align your teams, or a consumer facing spot to drive a call to action. So you need to start by asking yourself three fundamental questions;
How will your message be seen?
How will your message be heard?
How will your message be understood?

At Casual, we answer these questions by guiding you to a powerful outcome; breakthrough audience connection.

Your message needs to punch through & energize your audience to act. It’s why we always start with understanding your audience goals first, then developing the videos you need to deliver on them.

Our approach is called the Casual 5 C’s. These operating principles have been built through years of client best practice, blending creative excellence with commercial execution. Each C is an inter-connected pillar that goes into the development of every piece of content we make.

Our second C is the catalyst for turning average outcomes into outstanding results. Propelling your messaging to your audience by transforming your business goals into tools that deliver. 

Prudential approached us at the height of the pandemic to deliver a high-impact, virtual video solution for their business-critical investor day.

They needed 13 films, shot in 13 countries across Africa and Asia with one clear narrative message and a high quality, consistent look & feel - all in 6 weeks. 

This live event was firmly locked-in to investors calendars, there was no pushing back the deadline due to delays or unforeseen circumstances. We had one opportunity to pull this campaign together for Prudential and get it right. 

The main challenge was not to shoot in this many locations, that’s something our global reach and production process is specifically designed for. With this project, the real challenge was to seamlessly create content in 13 different countries, specifically for this one event, with an evenly consistent approach to narrative, look, feel and final execution. 

Leading a global network of creatives, producers and crews on the ground, alongside strict COVID protocols, we ensured each shoot delivered high-quality production values, while never taking our eye off the purpose of the video - to inform and engage investors.

We marshalled a huge regional network of creatives, producers and crews on the ground. We organised high-energy content workshops with the Prudential teams across the regions, and produced meticulous creative guidelines to ensure that shoots followed the high standards and look-and-feel. All videos were delivered ahead of schedule and the outcome for the 300-attendee live event was hugely successful. 


So successful in fact that we actually moved their share price. By providing content that we knew would resonate with the audience - the Catalyst - we ended up moving Prudential’s share price on the day of the event.

“The fact that our share price closed at £15.13, up over 10 pence on the day, is a direct result of the rich content and the high-quality production.”
- Pip Beasley, Prudential Corporation Asia, Chief of CEO Operations & Corporate Affairs

Creating the catalyst for results is just one of the ways we ensure that your content cuts through all that noise out there to get to your audience and connect with them. Next week we’ll be looking at a game-changing campaign for Google, which delivered clarity through crystal-clear messaging. 

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