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How Will AI Change Video Production?

We've spent this month investigating the benefits & limitations of AI in video. Is it the great answer to efficient workflows and freeing up human capital? Or is it here to replace us all? 

Can AI Make A Better Video Than a Human? 

AI tools are getting more impressive by the day. These tools have the power to completely change how we make videos, consume content, and create effective communications. But can an AI tool today make a video with little to no input from a human? Global Marketing Manager, Sanica Apte goes on a mission to find out!


Beyond Casual: AI Webinar

AI tools are affecting every industry. These tools have the potential to revolutionize video content creation. At their best, they will empower human creativity, help marketers optimize for their audience, and help us create more effective communications. But are we at that point yet? In this video, co-founder and CEO Nick Francis explores the impacts of AI in video production, marketing, creativity, and beyond. 




Roundtable: Will AI Replace Humans in Video Production? 

There are lots of big, unanswered questions about how it will affect staff, pricing, traditional workflows, and operational models. Our COO + Managing Directors sat down to discuss how we're approaching AI at Casual. 


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