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Case Study: Producing during Covid - NowTeach

Working with Now Teach, we created a film to engage with new members of their target audience and ‘prospective career-changers’, inspiring them to want to find out more and to visit the Now Teach website. With a goal that they sign up to an information evening or start an application form.

Now Teach has been set up to encourage late stage career changers, who have had one successful career to retrain as teachers.
Now Teachers are people who have already succeeded in one walk of life and who are ready for a new, quite different challenge. They are excited at the thought of starting all over again. They want to learn a new craft and they want to give back to the next generation.

We interviewed eight Now Teach cohorts, all with different career backgrounds. We captured personal, honest and open sound bites that we carefully edited down to 90 seconds to build excitement, share the motivation for change and to reveal their touching messages of encouragement for those also looking to make that career change.

Filming the interviews in a behind the scenes studio set-up, we were able to focus on our Now Teachers from several camera angles, capturing the natural smiles, energy and happiness they portrayed when talking about their career change.


Now Teach - Master Film

Chef. Banker. Soldier. Author. Now Teachers have had hundreds of careers. They’ve all made the same decision. Now they teach. Start your career-change here: #careerchange #yourexperiencecounts

We also created three 10 second teasers for Now Teach, which were promoted on their social media channels to build the excitement and highlight the key messages from the interviews.

Social Cut Three

Social Cut Two

Social Cut Three

Coronavirus update: Despite the current situation, schools will still need teachers in September. Now Teach is currently recruiting and applications to start teacher training in September 2020 are open and welcomed! The application is an online form and Now Teach will interview you through a video call. Do get in touch with Now Teach to find out more on how to apply.


Are you ‘Ready for change?’ visit to find out more.

It's never been more important to get your message out to your customers and employees. Video is the best way to do that. If you have a project you would like to discuss, or even if you just want to understand some of the safe opportunities that are available, share a few details with us here and we'll give you a call back.

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