27 Mar | Bo Campbell



A guide to keeping your brain active when you’re a creative on lock-down.


1. No idea is a bad idea


Start with a blank piece of paper and write everything down that pops into your head. You can always filter it later on, and it might just be that seemingly random word or idea that kick starts the creative process.


2. Use what you have


Look around you and see what you can find to provide inspiration - books, films, articles, videos, even a walk round the garden - anything can spark an idea.


3. Collaborate with others


Bouncing ideas off other people in your team is one of the best ways to get creative - set up a call or video chat to make it more interactive.


4. Refuel Regularly


Eat breakfast to kick-start your day. Then take a proper lunch break to ensure that you’re refreshed and full of ideas for the afternoon.


5. Rest Up


Get plenty of sleep at night to recharge your batteries and be ready for another day of creating!


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