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The death of George Floyd

Casual Films has always been a place that supports the progression of equality, decency, and openness. It's important that we address the events happening in our cities in the US & UK.

What happened to George Floyd, and the countless Black lives before his, is wrong. Senselessly, maddeningly and utterly wrong. The system which presides over these injustices has to change. We can all play a role in this.

Casual stands in solidarity with the fight against racism and oppression in all its forms.

We don’t have the answers or the right words to say but we want to add our voice and not stay silent. We are encouraging our employees to take time off to volunteer and assist with positive and constructive action. We are keen to continue to produce work that benefits the cause of inclusivity, peace, and dignity for all human beings. Please get in touch with anything we can lend our filmmaking abilities to.

This page has great resources on how we can all get better informed, take action, and get involved. Click here to view.

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