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When the world gives you lemons… A statement on COVID-19

OK – so a global pandemic isn’t exactly the ideal backdrop you would pick for the latest turn in your life story, but as the saying goes, when the world gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

I really don’t mean to be flippant about this; we are living through some of the most challenging times of our lives. Many people will be affected; some of the afflicted will be people you know. Many more people will suffer hardship as a result of the economic impact of the virus.

We can choose our response to this. We can choose to shut down, to hide away, to be overwhelmed by anxiety. Or we can choose another way. Life isn’t so much about what happens to you as how you react to it.

Content Lemonade (c) Foodism360 Unsplash

To paraphrase JFK; the two symbols that make up the Chinese word for crisis are danger and opportunity. Sure, there is jeopardy in a crisis, but there is also change, and every change brings potential for something better on the other side. If you’re willing to see it that way, this is your chance to do something different and potentially great. We all have a responsibility. A responsibility to ourselves and families of course but a responsibility to our colleagues, our staff, and to the wider world to keep the financial system moving.

Here's a thought: there are more people at home in front of screens than at any other time in the history of mankind. Internet usage across quarantined areas of the world has gone through the roof. There are more people consuming business content than at any other time in history. They want to know how you're reacting, why they should have confidence in you, why they should work for or buy from you?

You need to be getting your message out to them in ways that are just as eye-catching and interesting as they were last month. In fact it's your responsibility to do just that.

Content Lemonade (c) Francesca Hotchin Unsplash

Over the coming days and weeks we are going to be sharing everything you need to know about how to do what you can to keep things moving with Video in the New Viral World. The whole Casual team are here to help you make it through the next few months and to help you keep the lights on and your message going out from your business - whatever that might be. We want to help you to keep the wheels turning. So that when this whole viral weirdness passes - and it will - we're all in the best position possible to carry on.

Please share your comments on what you are doing differently to keep things the same. We'd be fascinated to hear them.

There are a wide range of ways that we can create videos, animations and podcasts for you that work in the remote working world. Our global team of producers are on hand to help you - no matter what you need.

Drop us a line here and one of the team will give you a call back.

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