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Welcome to APV : our new brand & website

From our early days in news, we’ve understood the power of narrative in making inspiring films. It’s what took us into documentaries, broadcast events and programming – and what drives the way we work with brands today.

If we look back over the past 25 years, there aren’t many agencies that can show how editorial film-making has inspired their approach to advertising and branding. In 1989, we were in Tiananmen Square reporting. Years later, we were behind a flash-mob for Hong Kong’s most prestigious airline. We’ve made documentaries for the BBC and National Geographic and award-winning films for some of the biggest commercial brands in Asia. Our connections with international directors mean we can shoot just about anywhere in the world.

Now it’s time to look forward. We need a new brand that draws this rich storytelling heritage together and positions us for the next two decades. That stays true to our belief in the power of narrative but better explains the way we think, make and inspire audiences, and how we sell strategic, creative and production services to our clients.

We haven’t got to where we are by standing still – and we’re not about to start now. Our new brand is the next stage in our evolution. Welcome to APV.

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