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A Global Perspective on Production.

We offer up some of the key benefits of choosing a video production team with a world-wide presence. 

Working with a production team who has all the experience, skills and knowledge to create effective video for your brand might seem like everything you need. But what if that team could also offer you always on, any time, anywhere content?

Below we have picked out just a few reasons why working with a global production team could work for you.

1. A really big pool
Global reach means global talent. With locations around the world, these production teams are able to access the very best skills, gathering people up into a wide-ranging network of tried and tested freelance resource. This brings together the best thinkers and makers from each corner of the globe, all ready to produce whatever content you need, wherever and whenever you need it.

2. Diversity of perspective
A global talent pool brings with it a myriad of backgrounds, beliefs, experiences and opinions. Being far-flung doesn’t stop teams from being close-knit, working together to solve complex problems by bringing all of the lessons learned, the experiences had, the ways of thinking and the ways of doing to the collective table. This truly global voice allows brands to access new markets with their content, or speak to their existing audience in an authentic and culturally appropriate way.

3. Round the world. Round the clock.
Always on doesn’t always mean ‘always’ - but a global team ensures that someone is actually there, every minute of every day. Projects can run across territories and oceans seamlessly, one producer is closing their laptop for the commute home, whilst another is opening theirs with a morning coffee. Shoots can shoot in different countries at the same time, projects can have quicker turnarounds, budgets can be tighter, and geography can really be no object.

4. Feet on the ground, not head in the clouds
A big part of having a truly global team is working towards a more sustainable production process. Looking to great resources such as Adgreen empowers teams to get a better understanding of their carbon footprint and see where they can reduce emissions. One major aspect of this is travel, specifically flying. A production team with a global reach can utilise the talent they have on the ground in each country, massively reducing the carbon impact of productions. It also means they can mobilise quickly, finding locations and getting the content you need, wherever you need it - a true win, win.

5. Like minds
When a global business partners with a global production team, then everything just falls into place. With many companies having different sectors and roles spread across different countries, a production team with a global reach can quickly and efficiently gather up content as needed from multiple offices and key contributors, before using in-house post-production resource to cut it all together into one seamless and consistent video or series.

For more benefits of working with a global video production team, and how it might work for you, take a look at our site

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