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New Work Alert: Delta Faucets Branded Content for The Cut

The future is an incredibly tricky thing to predict – just ask all the sci-fi writers who predicted we’d be consuming all our food in pill form and moving around in flying cars by now. Even the very best of them failed to see the Internet or mobile phones coming, and they’re probably the two definitive creations of the modern age. The point is that it’s tricky, in fact there are only two reliable ways to accurately predict the future: Firstly you can do a Nostradamus and be so vague about everything that it’s all open to some very questionable interpretation (seriously, we’re talking suspension of disbelief that even ardent Lost fans would struggle with). This way if people want to believe you were right then they can and will. Alternatively you can do what we did – ask the people who are designing the future! We know they’re right, because they’re doing it.

We were commissioned by The Cut, New York Magazine’s fantastic lifestyle section and Delta Faucets, makers of some of the finest and most beautiful err…faucets (or taps as they’re called in the UK) in America to deliver four films highlighting the creative processes of some of the USA’s most forward thinking interior designers. The big question to them – How do you tackle the tall order of designing tomorrow?

Of course they all had brilliant answers that fully encapsulated their core philosophies and taught us something about the design world and the mind of the creative. As challenges go it was a breeze for them – after all they all have to try to understand and deliver the individuals vision of what they truly want and need in their homes and offices, not just now but for years to come – how hard can answering a few questions be compared to that?

The challenges for us were somewhat different. We needed to create four films that were not only engaging, informative and, of course, beautiful (you really can’t get away with slacking on visuals when you’re filming designers for a lifestyle site) but also represented Delta Faucet’s four pillars: Innovative; Visionary; Genuine; and Sophisticated. Of course we also needed to incorporate some of Delta’s products, but in an unobtrusive way – everything featured must look organic or else we’d risk looking like an advert. Fortunately on that last front faucets are things that interior designers deal with every day (we’re talking professionally) so we were able to incorporate them into shots that didn’t feature basins or tubs without them having a jarring effect.

The films themselves were handled by Casual stalwart Adam Ruddick, and when we say handled, he was all over them. He took on the producing, directing and editing, he even made the tea, though he was however aided in the visual department by two very talented freelance DoP’s, Brendan Gilliam and Dan Hollis. Having one person see the project through from pitch to completion has clear benefits, and what you see in the films is the result of Adam’s clear vision. He chose to cast four designers, each of whom fully embodied one of Delta’s four pillars, though of course each of them comfortably ticks all four boxes – successful designers do. The films themselves are all beautifully shot and allow the designer to tell their own story – what drives them, what inspires them, how did their journey get them here – and to define their own design philosophy. Their words, accompanied by striking visuals of their work, the space in which they work and, of course, the designers themselves at work. All of this adds up to four films that deliver a huge amount in their two-minute run time and, thanks to excellent cinematography, are completely befitting of representing some of the finest designers working today.

We’re delighted with what was achieved in just four weeks, and more importantly the client is very happy too.








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