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Always meet people you think are interesting

As the saying goes…

It’s a nice ambiguous title for a blog, there are so many sayings that it could be about anything – killing birds with stones, the Rolling Stones and their disinterest in moss, banding together with other cooks to collectively spoil a broth – but it’s not about any of those, it’s about meeting your heroes. The saying goes that you shouldn’t. As any number of Justin Bieber fans can attest to it’s a saying worth heeding because you’re likely to find out that they’re just another human, flawed like the rest of us – and that’s the best case scenario, the worst case? Well once you’ve established it’s Justin Bieber can it get much worse?

Thankfully there is no such expression to cover people who’s work you admire and who you’ve always thought would be quite interesting to meet. If anything it would be too long winded. We sent New York Exec Producer Megan to meet star designer and all round huge personality Jonathan Adler to see if there should indeed be such a phrase, and to make a film for Adobe. Jonathan was one of the keynote speakers at the Adobe Max Conference in Las Vegas, and our film is being used across Adobe Create, Facebook, and instagram while a second version will introduce his keynote speech – to an in person and live streaming audience of 12,000. It’s quite the honour, especially when you bear in mind that this is a company that prides itself on visuals. No pressure Megan.

If you don’t know Jonathan, then the best thing to do is watch the film – it’s only short and paints a very compelling picture of the man.

Jonathan Adler

In summary he began his career as a potter at 27 having been fired from every other job he’d tried and very quickly became a master of that craft (the impressive pot he makes in the film took him about ten minutes) and it’s since become apparent he’s one of those polymath types who’s brilliant at just about everything they turn their hand to. We’re not jealous at all. Throw in that he’s an incredible success and a charming and charismatic presence to boot and it’s all seeming too good to be true right? With all those qualities he’s guaranteed to be a diva-ish nightmare right? Well sadly not, he’s got all that going for him and he’s also a nice guy. According to Megan, not only was he an easy going, open and accessible contributor, but everyone who works under him at his studio genuinely loves being there and they’re all incredibly passionate about what they do, Jonathan included. It’s really quite unfair for one person to hog so much of the good stuff, but it did all make for a quick, easy and enjoyable shoot.

We love our work with Adobe because it gives us an opportunity to be creative, filming creative people doing creative things – it really doesn’t get much better than that, and this is a case study in why.

So, with a bunch of completed films that everyone – including the star of the show – is delighted with, all that’s left to do is give some much deserved props to our own creative geniuses – Dan, Cara, Altuz, Phi, Jenny and not forgetting Megan and Adobe Senior Producer Summer. We’d also like to propose a new saying:

Always meet people you think are interesting, because they probably are.

Ok, so it’s not as catchy as never meet your heroes, but it’s not as cynical either, and with this I can still hope to one day meet Dave Grohl.


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