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The Casual Staff Spotlight: Alex Kirby

Alex Kirby appreciates a good film and a good meal. What’s more, he can make both of them for you.

No matter where you are in the world, there are a few things you can find in every office — a photocopier that only one person knows how to work properly; a ‘special’ mystery bag of coffee at the back of the cupboard; and a member of staff you always seem to be able to hear in the background. At Casual Films, our beloved loudmouth is UK Post Production Manager Alex Kirby.

Whenever Alex has something to say — and he always has something to say — he is most certainly heard. Thankfully, it’s usually on topic and well worth listening to. The man loves filmmaking and will happily chat about it or, if you work with him, force you to sit down every other week and listen during ‘Not Animation Time’, a roundup of video work that has impressed him in one way or another. It’s educational, inspirational and all in service of improving Casual’s output.

“If I see work that’s innovative, compelling or successful for reasons I can’t quite understand, I want to make sure we all know about it because we can always be better,” Alex says.

Making things better is something Alex knows all about, as he came to Casual from a much darker place: The Daily Mail — the once newspaper, now wildly successful celeb gos-fest MailOnline. He spent eighteen months there cutting up to a hundred (yes, one hundred!?) videos a day, ranging in diversity from Kim Kardashian’s nipple slip to real-life footage of warzones. It’s fair to say that, by the time we got hold of him, he was somewhat…damaged.

“When I started at Casual, I was still working at the same pace as when I was at The Mail, but instead of cutting 100 videos a day I had to do 2 or 3 a month,” Alex explains. “Guy Hixon, Casual’s Head of Post Production, had to take me aside and tell me to slow down.”

So, like a family adopting a shelter dog, we took him in and helped him get better. He took to slowing down like sea bass to salsa verde, and the quality of his work quickly began to shine through. Our upcoming series of short travel films for The Wall Street Journal (in your face, Daily Mail) and National Geographic might just have completed his rehabilitation, as he says it’s the best work he’s ever done [watch this space].

Speaking of salsa verde: though Alex’s film future is obviously bright, he harbours ambitions of being a food magnate. In the future, he wants to make his fortune with easy-to-follow recipes and a collection of homemade sauces and condiments. He’s frantically making up to a hundred meals a day, and we’re trying to get him to slow down there, too.


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