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Learn to Recruit, Sell and Train from Industry Pros at Casual's 14 June Event in Zurich

Become a more effective marketer with online marketing experts Casual Films, Navigate Video, Crunch Digital and Teach First in Zurich.

On the 14th of June, the Casual Films Network invites seasoned and novice marketers alike to an exploratory learning event in Zurich. The object of this event is to help you to create efficient, effective online video strategies. It will help you to segment your audience, get the most from your productions, and achieve tangible results from your work.

Top industry professionals will be discussing methods for recruitment, selling, employee training and engagement, providing invaluable insight on how to maximise your return on investment.

Event Partners

With 7,500 films delivered and counting, Casual Films will cover the production side of online video marketing. Specifically, the importance of writing an effective brief (never underestimate the power of the brief)!

Casual will be joined by three of their great partner organisations during the event, who will expose attendees to varied and valuable insights from every corner of the industry:

Navigate Video

Navigate’s philosophy is manifested in four strategic steps: Assess, Purpose, Plan and Educate. Specialising in online videos for brands, Navigate advises on content development, platform and media distribution and how to create meaningful analytics-driven insights.

At the event, co-founder Nick Hajdu from Navigate Video will discuss strategy — specifically how to make online video work for your organisation’s marketing goals. Given the company’s clear, process-oriented approach, Nick’s presentation will be chock-full of actionable tips and tricks.

Crunch Digital

Crunch Digital delivers simplified data management for record labels, digital service providers and a variety of other content creators. Whether you’re processing royalty payments or are looking to eliminate the guesswork from your content data management system, Crunch Digital provides the infrastructure necessary to streamline administrative tasks — allowing you to focus on expanding your business rather than getting bogged down with busy work.

Crunch Digital’s event program will focus on distribution — not simply getting views, but getting the right kinds of views. The team’s wide-ranging, multi-industry experience will provide valuable takeaways for marketers and content managers alike.

Teach First

Teach First offers leadership development to educators aiming to eradicate the effects of socioeconomic inequality in their classrooms. By instilling the values of leadership, excellence, collaboration and integrity, Teach First encourages its community of teachers and students to transform education for the better. The organisation provides training, support and mentorship for students and teachers in diverse communities throughout the UK.

So what’s the connection to the Zurich event’s mission? Understanding a client’s specific concerns is the first step to creating effective online video. Teach First specifically has a proven track record of leveraging online video to spread its message, and can speak to the benefits of this strategy from a client’s perspective.

Register Today

Interested in attending? Don’t delay — spaces are limited! For details of the event and to purchase tickets, visit our Eventbrite page here.


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