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Your recruitment programme will no doubt be finding you the best of the best. But to paraphrase Top Gun... how can you make them better? This is where training videos can help you. In the same way the video and animation are effective tools for explaining, they can be used to demonstrate new ideas and ways of working to your audience, whatever stage they are at. 

Interactive video can be really useful for this too, as it requires your viewers to make decisions and engage, improving their comprehension and retention of the lessons you share. You can see some examples below. If you don’t see exactly what you are after, feel free to reach out to one of our experienced producers who will be happy to help you.


Why is video such an effective training tool?

  • It’s easy to consume

80% of people will consume all the content on a webpage when it is shared as video vs. only 20% if it is text only. This means that if you have information you need to share, video is the best way to do it.

  • It’s eye catching

Dynamic and colourful, video makes almost any webpage or conference booth more compelling. A professional video increases dwell times on and offline, giving you and your team more opportunity to build a relationship with your audience.

  • Share ideas concepts simply and effectively

An expertly crafted video has the effect of compressing time, allowing you to hone the exact message you are sharing. The added benefit of being able to demonstrate the message either literally or metaphorically helps to make your points clear and accessible.

  • Demonstrate your product

You can’t get your product into the hands of everyone who might purchase it, but you can show them how it works, what it does and why they might want it. You can slow down action, focus in on intricate functions or use animation for additional clarity. User interviews or testimonials allow you to build trust and further your audience’s understanding of your products or services.

  • It’s sharable

The most powerful companies in the world have made our attention the most valuable asset on the planet. They do that by making it really easy to share the content that you love. You’re doing it and so is your audience. Quality video productions are super sharable, helping your message to get the attention you deserve.

  • It’s relatively cost effective 

For $20,000, you could have 40,000 brochures which go out of date almost immediately, or an expertly crafted animation which you can use and repurpose for years to come. A study by Google/YouTube found that over 75% of a marketing campaign’s effectiveness comes down to the quality of the creative messaging. The better the content you create the easier it will be to promote.

  • Footage can be repurposed again and again

Your audience’s need for quality content isn’t going anywhere. If you make an investment in a team to film in your offices, or an animator to design some assets for your business, they can be cheaply and easily repurposed again and again. All the material becomes part of your company’s library which you can use whenever you need it in the future.

  • It harnesses our hardwired need to empathise

The reason video works so well is that our brains are hardwired to feel the emotional impact of the events we witness in the world around us. Our stone age brains don’t see the difference between events in ‘real-life’ in front of us, and on the screen. If you understand this, you can use it to make your communications even more memorable and impactful.

Learn more about why video content marketing is such a powerful tool in this blog post that unpacks the emotional power of video.

Training video production with Casual Films

Training videos have a range of uses in corporate learning and development. As a training tool, video can be used to illustrate ideas and set up discussions, or it can be used to host and run the whole process as part of an interactive platform. As a motivation and engagement tool, video can be used to celebrate company news or encourage ways of working.

It allows you, as practitioners, to standardise the way information is shared and accessed throughout your organisation. Both animation and live action training videos are regularly used for this type of communication. Animation often favors intangible, complicated, or abstract concepts. Live action helps with concepts more human in nature, like sharing your company’s values.

Filming sessions also means that a training session can be run once, but delivered again many times to new starters or other teams in a clear and consistent way.


As a full-service video production company, we’ll take you from creative development all the way through to post-production, to ensure that your training video fits all of your requirements. Your Executive Producer will act as your guide, utilising our Ariel production approach to provide a bespoke service that matches the requirements of your organisation.

Contact our training video production team here and find out why our clients keep coming back to us.

They’re excellent with project management; they’ve also got very creative people.
- Global Accounting Firm

Training Video Production Agency – Key things to consider

What is your experience with training videos?

How much does a training video production cost?

Training video production costs can vary wildly, from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds or dollars. Luckily, as this is a creative process the amount you have to invest in the process can be taken into account when coming up with suitable ideas. 

At Casual Films, our average project is in the $15,000 to $20,000 (£12,000-£18,000) range. This is because our films require creative ideation, scripting, producing, shooting or animating, editing, sound design and music. This gives our clients a product with the best chance to achieve the goals we discuss in the briefing stage.

If you just want a video on your website, save your money and shoot it yourself, on your cell phone. If you want a professionally produced business tool to solve a business problem, then you won’t find better value than working with Casual Films.

Low cost video


We know that compressed deadlines and tight budgets sometimes require a more streamlined service.

That’s why we’ve developed Express - our low cost video offering. Just describe your business, product or service in 155 words, and we’ll create a 60 second video using stock footage, motion graphics and voice over.