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Sports Video Production

You need a scalable partner to create consistent content for your community. Engage with your audience with icon profiles, brand stories, and content that drives fanatical engagement.

Plug us in with your internal team to double your outputs, or bring us on board to handle things end-to-end.

Hoop Cities

We created a documentary series highlighting basketball culture across 8 different cities in Europe. From NBA legends to street ballers, this exciting series brings to life what basketball means to these communities around Europe.

Nottingham Football x Adidas
Kit Launch Promo

We partnered with Adidas and Nottingham Football Club to create a series of promo videos for their new kit launch. These fast-paced sizzles capture the excitement of the players and teams, and the spirit of the sport. 

Cheltenham Promo

We created this promo video for Oddschecker to advertise their marketplace. With bold on-screen text and carefully curated imagery, this promo comes together to grab eyeballs. 

Working with the team at Casual has been great from start to end. Everyone put in a lot of passion, dedication and countless hours to ensure the highest quality of production, going above and beyond on many occasions. I'm extremely proud and satisfied of what we've accomplished together and I look forward to more exciting and creative projects! 

Sara Trombetta, Content Producer, the NBA

Casual Partners with the world’s Top Sports Brands

Showcase your expertise

Saying ahead of the game is crucial. Showcasing your expertise in cutting-edge training techniques, sports science, and the latest industry trends sets you apart from the competition. We plug-in at the ground level to create compelling videos that highlight your thought leadership and industry knowledge. 

Recruit Top Talent

The sports industry is driven by talented athletes, coaches, and professionals who are passionate about their craft. To attract the best talent, it's essential to demonstrate your organization's values, commitment to athlete development, and the supportive work environment you provide. 

Build a community

Sports enthusiasts and fans expect more than just a brand or team. They seek a sense of belonging, interaction, and valuable content that enhances their passion for sports. Foster a strong community by creating informative tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, and inspirational stories that align with your brand's philosophy. Engage with your audience through interactive platforms and social media, becoming a trusted resource and advisor for all things sports-related.

Scalable content creation

Delivering consistent, high-quality content on a large scale is our specialty. We understand the nuances of the sports industry and blend creativity with efficient processes to bring your brand's vision to life. By collaborating seamlessly with talent, brand, marketing, content, and legal teams, we ensure smooth execution while maintaining compliance and meeting your business objectives.