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Travel & Hospitality
Video Production

You need a scalable partner that you can rely on.
Tap into our teams to shoot glossy commercials, branded content, or internal pieces.

No matter the brief, we mesh award-winning creative with agile program management to deliver video that drives your KPIs. 

Editorial Video Partner

We have an ongoing partnership with Hilton's editorial team, delivering on a variety of media-first video needs. Our global team has worked with the Hilton team to capture bespoke visuals of their properties in the US, APAC, and Europe. 

Hilton's editorial team has leveraged these assets for media opportunities and additional content activations. 

Retained Video Services

Casual was Marriott's video partner of choice for over five years, creating a variety of videos for their employer brand team to hire and retain associates all around the world. 

WSJ x Star Alliance
Travel Diaries

We provided production support to the Wall Street Journal to pull together these ambitious shoots in Bangkok and Stockholm.

Travel journalist Robert Reid was given a round the world ticket, and faced various ‘challenges’ in each location he visited.

Now, we’re not strangers to overseas filming. But shooting in a Thai boxing gym in deepest Bangkok, or climbing over the rooftops of Stockholm meant our crew going above and beyond (literally) to make sure we captured the beauty and energy of these great cities.

"We value Casual Films for their creativity, innovative thinking, partnering skills, and for having our backs."

Denise Feldman, Director, Comm. & Content Marketing, Marriott International

Create Effective Content

Showcase your brand

Whether it's exceptional service, top-notch facilities, or properties on the furthest corners of the globe, travelers want to feel captivated by their favorite travel and leisure brands. Video helps you shine a light on the best and most fantastic aspects of your portfolio. 

Foster a thriving community

Audiences expect more from their favorite brands. Forge deeper connections with your customers by offering tutorials, travel stories, and content that amplifies your brand identity.

Recruit top talent

The hospitality industry thrives on the brilliance of its workforce. The most skilled professionals seek insights into your organization's values, culture, and working environment. Videos provide a dynamic means to showcase rather than just describe.

Scalable content creation

Delivering consistent, top-notch content at scale is our expertise. Our team of producers, creatives, editors, filmmakers, and animators are honed in on their craft. We combine creativity with streamlined processes. We'll bring a fresh perspective to your brand vision while aligning with procurement, legal, and key stakeholders.

Cost effective

Video marketing can be an expensive investment, but it's worth it when considering the high return on investment. Compared to traditional advertising methods, video marketing is much more cost-effective. Engaging videos can reach a wider audience and make a lasting impression without breaking the bank. Plus, videos can be repurposed and shared on various platforms, maximizing their impact and value. Our teams plug in with you at the strategy level to optimize your video budgets and help plan video communications in lock-step with your goals. 

Time efficient

Creating engaging and high-quality videos is a complex and time-consuming process that involves several stages. Ensuring seamless collaboration among team members and managing any potential delays or issues can be a daunting task that can impact the overall timeline. This challenge is particularly relevant for travel and leisure companies seeking to produce and distribute content quickly. Our team takes on all of the headaches and complexity, so you don't have to. We love effective program management as much as we love beautiful videos.