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Powered by AI

At Casual, we’re experimenting with the latest tools so our teams can improve their processes. We believe AI tools should always be people-first and empower our teams to create more effectively. 

Use AI to Power Creativity

AI Tools Workshop

Get in touch with us for our comprehensive AI-tools upskilling workshop, during which we will guide you through the latest tools and technologies that can enhance your workflows. Our hands-on approach will help you not only understand how these tools add value but also empower you to implement creative best practices in your work. 

Automated Editing and Post-Production

AI algorithms can analyze footage, understand pacing, and identify key moments, allowing for automated video editing. This enables creators to focus more on the creative aspects of storytelling rather than spending extensive time on mundane editing tasks.

Content Generation and Scriptwriting

AI can assist in generating ideas and even drafting scripts for videos. Natural Language Processing (NLP) models can analyze trends, user preferences, and existing content to suggest compelling ideas or even assist in writing scripts. This helps content creators to ideate more efficiently.

Enhanced Visual Effects and Animation

AI-powered tools can streamline the process of adding visual effects and animations to videos. Deep learning models can generate realistic special effects, enhance graphics, or even create entirely new visuals based on the context of the video. This allows for more sophisticated and visually appealing content.

Personalized Content Creation

AI algorithms can analyze user data, preferences, and behavior to create personalized video content. This includes tailoring the narrative, visuals, and even the pacing of the video to suit individual viewer preferences. Personalization enhances engagement and ensures the content resonates more effectively with the audience.

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AI-Powered Video

They are truly excellent across the board. They are a very skilled strategic partner who brings great content and creativity to the project, and this is complemented by their outstanding project management and execution.

Director of Global Retail Communications, Jewelry Company