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Healthcare Video Production

You need a scalable partner that you can rely on.
Tap into our teams to shoot glossy commercials, branded content, or internal pieces.

No matter the brief, we mesh award-winning creative with agile program management to deliver video that drives your KPIs. 

Breast Cancer Now
Chantelle's Story

Breast Cancer Now needed a series of videos to differentiate themselves in the market.  Casual was asked to develop a campaign that raised the brand’s profile through compelling, human-led stories. 

Preventative Care

We created this video for Color to highlight their preventative care services in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Using previously filmed footage and stock, we blended together a net-new narrative for the team to use. 

TIME x Novo Nordisk
The Greats, Camisha

We partnered with TIME Magazine and Novo Nordisk to produce a series called 'The Greats.' This inspirational series features people achieving great things despite living with chronic disease. 

This video has set the standard for what’s possible and it will elevate our brand. Their team was extremely responsive and accommodating to our needs.

Director of Marketing, CNA National

Create Engaging Content

Highlight your innovations

Whether it's innovative medical devices, cutting-edge technology, or the latest advancements in healthcare, patients, stakeholders and healthcare professionals want to stay informed. Showcase your company's product advancements through engaging videos.

Attract top talent

The healthcare industry relies on skilled professionals. The brightest minds in the field want to see your organization's values, work environment, and commitment to patient care. Video enables you to visually demonstrate these aspects, creating a compelling recruitment tool.

Compliance & Regulation

Ensuring compliance with privacy and confidentiality regulations is a key pain point for many healthcare providers. Patient information must be safeguarded at all times, and creating videos that respect these regulations can be complex. Our fastidious program management process helps you curate and tell stories that check the boxes of all necessary regulations. 

Foster a community

Healthcare professionals and patients want to know that they're at a world-class institution. Engage your audience on a meaningful level by providing educational tutorials, patient success stories, and content that aligns with your brand's mission and values.

Scalable content production

Delivering consistent, high-quality content at scale is our expertise. Our team of producers, creatives, editors, filmmakers, and animators are specialized in healthcare communication. We blend creativity with efficient processes, offering a fresh perspective on your brand's vision while collaborating with procurement, legal, and key stakeholders.

Smooth stakeholder approvals

Securing the necessary approvals and coordination among various stakeholders within the organization can be time-consuming, further adding to the challenges of video production in the healthcare industry. Our team plugs in at the ground level to gather and manage stakeholder feedback. We own the complexity, so you don't have to.