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Professional Services

Professional Services Video Production

We've worked with some of the biggest professional services companies in the business: Boston Consulting Group, PwC, Accenture, Thomson Reuters, and KPMG. 

We know what it takes to deliver great content for your firm. We own the complexity, so you don't have to. 

Boston Consulting Group
Passion with Purpose

This series we created spotlights BCH employees both in and outside of the workplace, highlighting how their hobbies and interests enrich the client work they do at the firm.  

Purpose & Values

We've worked with the Prudential team globally for years, creating various content for cross-functional teams. Get in touch to see more of our work. 

A Higher Purpose

This video we made for KPMG highlights their employer brand, and outlines the impact prospective hires can have at the firm if they pursue a career here. 

[Casual] were very responsive, full of ideas, and could navigate any problems as quickly as possible. No query was ever too much trouble. The easygoing nature of the staff and their professionalism when dealing with our clients who feature in the video [was impressive].

Marketing Executive, Thomson Reuters

Use Video Effectively

Showcase your expertise

Whether it's cutting-edge solutions, innovative consulting methodologies, or the latest market trends, clients are eager to learn about the intricacies. Illuminate your company's thought leadership through compelling videos demonstrating your industry knowledge.

Build a community

Clients and stakeholders expect more from their trusted consulting partners. Foster a deeper connection with your audience by providing informative tutorials, success stories, and content that embodies your firm's philosophy. 

Recruit Top Talent

The professional services industry thrives on the skills and capabilities of its staff. The most talented individuals seek companies with strong values, a vibrant culture, and an engaging work environment. Leverage the power of video to showcase your organization's values, work culture, and career opportunities, allowing potential candidates to visualize themselves as part of your team.

Scalable content creation

Delivering consistent, high-quality content on a large scale is our expertise. Our team of producers, creatives, editors, filmmakers, and animators are experts in their fields. We blend creativity with efficient processes, offering a fresh perspective on your brand vision. We seamlessly collaborate with procurement, legal, and key stakeholders to ensure smooth execution while maintaining compliance and meeting business objectives.