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Vodafone’s “Belong” Campaign Brings Its Commitment To Diversity and Inclusion to the Forefront

Vodafone is committed to diversity and inclusivity among its employees. With Casual’s help, the vision of “belonging” comes to life on screen.

For a truly impactful branding campaign, film is the medium that best brings a company’s vision to life. Recently, we had the opportunity to partner up with Vodafone Group to showcase what makes them unique: namely, the dedicated employees of all backgrounds, colors and creeds who have contributed to the company’s success.

A Sense of Belonging

Vodafone Group aims to create a culture that reflects its global footprint and international customer base while building a diverse and inclusive environment. To that end, Vodafone sought to create a new video for its website that clearly communicated the company’s commitment to D&I.

While the overall theme was “Reflective of Group Diversity and Inclusion,” Vodafone was seeking a fresher way to describe its vision. With togetherness and diversity on our minds, we chose “Belonging” as the defining term for this campaign. Subsequently shortened to “Belong,” the word became a call-to-action and a succinct description of everything Vodafone stands for.

In keeping with the universal accessibility of “Belong,” Vodafone wanted the video to be simple but impactful. We opted for a mosaic of overlapping pictures to drive home the theme of inclusivity, showing that everyone, diverse though they are, belongs to a larger, connected collective. This technique allowed us to showcase the many different backgrounds, stories and identities of Vodafone’s myriad employees.

Featuring dozens of Vodafone team members, the theme of the film is defined clearly: “Belonging means being part of a group of people that makes the world a better place.” The definition is simple, but it reminds the viewer of a universal truth — even within a large organisation, a single individual can make a difference.

Living the “Belong” Message

Of course, messaging is only one piece of the puzzle — but Vodafone remains committed to actively applying the principles of “Belong” by embracing employees from all different backgrounds.

According to Catalina Schveninger of Vodafone Group, the organisation believes it “can only leverage diversity by building an inclusive culture where everyone is respected and strives to be their best — for our employees, our partners, the communities we work in and our customers.”

Vodafone’s employee base reflects that goal: 100,000 employees from 138 nationalities, based in 23 countries. Equally reflective of their D&I aspirations is the fact that 28% of management positions are held by women, with a goal of hitting 30% by 2020. Furthermore, internal surveys found that 89% of employees feel that they do belong within the organisation.

Vodafone’s Inclusivity Initiatives

Schveninger notes that Vodafone is taking a proactive approach to boost that number to 100% — summed up by the hashtag “#powertobeyourself.” For instance, the programme ReConnect aims to help former female employees rejoin the workplace after a career break. Aiming to operate in 26 countries to place 1,000 ReConnect recruits over the next three years, Vodafone is setting itself up to tap into this oft-overlooked talent pool for years to come.

Vodafone has also demonstrated its commitment to promoting a sense of belonging for all employees through its global maternity policy. According to the official policy, every employee is “offered at least 16 weeks fully paid maternity leave, as well as full pay for a 30-hour week for the first six months after their return to work.”

The company’s #powertobeyourself movement extends to senior management as well, where community-driven action helps make the concept a reality. CEO Vittorio Colao has joined 10 other “impact champion” CEOs in supporting the UN Women movement HeForShe, which encourages men and boys to stand up for gender equality. Internally, other senior leaders at Vodafone have committed to “14 LGBT+ & Friends networks around the world” to ensure that LGBT colleagues have a voice, according to Schveninger.

At Casual, we love to animate our clients’ visions through film — and we love it even more when we’re able to support a client’s meaningful, empowering worldview.


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