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  • Cannes Dolphin – Black Dolphin - Craft Award - Best Music
  • Cannes Dolphins – Silver Dolphin - Best B2B Marketing Communication
Client name
Campaign name
Next is Now
“The film was central to the most successful B2B campaign we have ever done.” Anand Ganesha, Head of B2B Content, Samsung Europe


As part of the consumer campaign ‘Next is Now’, Samsung wanted to integrate and refresh their B2B content as it did not reflect the powerful energetic new brand of the Galaxy S6.

The concept should be

  • Dynamic
  • Eye-catching
  • Differentiate the offering from the competition in a crowded marketplace
  • Establish a different perspective of the product and its capabilities

The film would be used online for all channels, at events, and to open face to face sales meetings with procurement departments and senior stakeholders.





Whether it’s the first drop on a rollercoaster, the first swing at the birthday piñata or the first performance on stage, the anticipation for what’s next always gets one’s adrenaline pumping. This is what ‘Next is Now’ seeks to capture and convey.

Taking the lead from this, we contrast the Samsung Galaxy S6 beautifully crafted edge design with the harsh environment of a bare warehouse.  A presenter with a strong screen presence to communicate the message that owning one of these devices is comparable to holding the future in one’s hands.

To really get the heart rate going, a music track was composed to match the onscreen imagery including ferrofluid (magnetically sensitive liquid) which you can see shot in macro (this is not VFX) and mixed with inks and dyes to give the effect that you can see, to really make the audience feel and impact of the narrative.



The film was used as the main B2B launch for the phone Samsung Galaxy S6 in Europe.


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