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Allianz GI

  • Recruitment Advertising Awards – Best Candidate Interaction 2017
Client name
Allianz GI
Campaign name
The Investment Factor
Recruitment Marketing
Gamification, Interactive
  • #1


    Highest engagement from followers to date

  • 400%


    Over previous video engagement stats

  • 8 MINS


    4 x average of standard video


The crash of 2008 left widespread negative perceptions of the banking and financial services sector, leaving firms with a challenge in attracting and recruiting new talent.

AllianzGI chose to tackle this head-on, with the aim of broadening their talent pool to attract and recruit the brightest minds into a diverse set of roles by

  • Engaging with potential candidates who are currently switched off to the industry via Linkedin and Glassdoor.
  • Showcase the culture and range of opportunities that a career at AllianzGI offers, in a fun, memorable yet professional manner.


Welcome to the Investment Factor, is a gamified interactive experience allowing potential candidates to play out their first day on the job as a Portfolio Manager.

Characters and scenarios were developed using AllianzGI’s core values of excellence, integrity, passion and respect which are embodied in the organisational philosophy – ‘Understand, Act.’.

Experienced from the first person point of view, potential candidates are given an introduction to the firm before exploring the office; meeting a range of people from different departments; learning about and exploring the culture, desired behaviours and the variety of roles available through their interactions and decisions.

  • Humour was incorporated to show additional elements of the company’s culture.  These elements are also interactive giving the characters personality and making the overall experience memorable and fun to explore.
  • The content is customised to the individual and the decisions they make throughout providing a personalised experience.
  • Points are awarded when the potential candidate exhibits behaviours required to become a successful Portfolio Manager.



Welcome to the Investment Factor has proven highly successful in its appeal to new recruits.

By producing a gamified interactive experience, AllianzGI were able to engage their target audience with their culture, behaviours and career opportunities through key target channels, LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

This longer exposure drove the desired perception changes, attracting high-quality candidates that had not previously considered a career at AllianzGI. In addition, the LinkedIn post drove the highest engagement levels on the target channel. Comments in praise of the experience included:

“Very innovative” and “perfect from the idea of the film up to the realisation”.

“We absolutely delivered on the business case for investment which contributed to the HR value chain.”

Tony White, Head of L&D and Talent Management.

“high-quality brand experience which is exceptional, providing an entertaining and insightful view into the culture of AllianzGI. It made a potentially dry subject extremely entertaining.”

2017 Judging Panel, Recruitment Advertising Awards

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