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Our greatest strength as a company is our ability to attract excellent staff. Their talent is at the root of everything that we are able to offer our clients. The vast majority of our work is produced by our internal staff, making us fast, flexible and fluent at turning business messaging into impactful video.  There are many production companies out there. There are not too many with over 13 years of experience delivering for Fortune 500/FTSE 100 businesses.


Most importantly though, we try to be decent human beings; friendly and fair to our clients, and mindful of the communities we call home. Film production has a long way to go in addressing diversity, equality and accessibility. We’re doing our best to find solutions, and are always interested in discussing what more can be done.

Meet the teams

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Arthur Circle Arthur's Team

London, UK

Emily Circle Emily's Team

London, UK

Felicia Circle Felicia's Team

New York, USA

Georgia Circle Georgia's Team

New York, USA

Sanica Circel Sanica's Team

Los Angeles, USA

Kyle Circle Kyle's Team

Chicago, USA

Lexi Circle Lexi's Team

Sydney, Australia

David C Circle David's Team

Barcelona, Spain


Passionate about making clients happy

There are lots of ways you could choose to have your project produced. We’re extremely grateful that our clients choose us. In gratitude, we employ people who are naturally passionate about delivering and delighting those who made that choice.

Team spirited and accountable

We work closely together so that you get the benefit of the experience and skill of our whole crew. We hire and promote people who show the personal leadership required to happily take accountability for their actions.

Open and positive

Video production is not the most important job in the world, but it might be one of the best. The process of working with Casual should be enjoyable for everyone involved. Having a positive mindset, even at a 4am call time, is central to this.

Can-do and proactive

Filmmaking is about continual problem solving. We require our staff to think on their feet and act on initiative. Our team are solution focused, taking much of the weight off you, our clients. 

Doing more with less

We produce work which our clients believe is tangibly more effective. To do this, every penny invested needs to show in the final product. We are only able to do this by employing staff who think creatively and with thrift.