Our greatest strength as a company is our ability to attract excellent staff. Their abilities are the root of everything that we are able to offer our clients. From the earliest days we have combined the latest kit and techniques with our staff’s creativity to produce work which pushes the boundaries and our client’s expectations.

The vast majority of our work is produced by our internal staff. This means they are fast, flexible and understand how to turn business messaging into impactful video. There are many production companies out there. There are not do many with over 10 years of experience delivering for Fortune 500/FTSE 100 businesses.


Barnaby Cook


Nick Francis


Lydia Chan


Adam Ruddick


Jenny Manby


Felicia Jamieson


Lexi Mounsey


Allison Rodgers

David Potvin

David Potvin


Sanica Apte


Sybilla Harvey


James Fair


Cara Gordon


Orlando Torres


Daniel Altuz

Daniel Duvall

Dan Duvall


Katie Wade


Richard Clements


Phi Thi Thach


Fritz Polax

Oliver Atkinson

Oliver Atkinson


Edward Beresford


Arthur Briggs


Emily Lay


Yasmin Goodwin


Dan Coulson


Jane Gregory


Jo Busby


Raych Campbell


Alice Scruton


Dan Hankinson


Matt Alani


Chris Dudley


Alex Berry


Aaron Forde


Charlie Palley


Dian Perry

Green line
What attributes make our Casual Filmers great?
Passionate about making our clients happy
There are lots of ways you could choose to have your project produced. We’re extremely grateful that our clients choose us. In gratitude, we employ people who are naturally passionate about delivering and delighting those who made that choice.
Can-do and proactive
Filmmaking is about continual problem solving. We require our staff to think on their feet and act on initiative. Our team are solution focused, taking much of the weight off you, our clients. 
Team spirited and accountable
We work closely together so that you get the benefit of the experience and skill of our whole crew. We hire and promote people who show the personal leadership required to happily take accountability for their actions.
Doing more with less
We produce work which our clients believe is tangibly more effective. To do this, every penny invested needs to show in the final product. We are only able to do this by employing staff who think creatively and with thrift.
Open and positive
Video production is not the most important job in the world, but it might be one of the best. The process of working with Casual should be enjoyable for everyone involved. Having a positive mindset, even at a 4am call time, is central to this.

We're hiring


London, UK


London, UK


Brooklyn, New York


Brooklyn, New York

Editor, New York

Brooklyn New York

Producer, LA

Los Angeles, CA

Editor, LA

Los Angeles, CA

Production Assistant, LA

Los Angeles, CA

Green Line


The Casual Academy provides 16-25 year olds from diverse, often disadvantaged, backgrounds with hands-on filmmaking experience. Working alongside professional filmmakers, the young people make a film for a local charity that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. This delivers a great win:win - the charity gets a film, the young people get the experience of working for a real client and a useful addition to their showreel.

The Academy also helps the students to understand the key roles in the production process: creative, producer, director and editor. This then allows them then to see where their skills and interests lie, so that they can make a more informed decision about entry points into the industry.

The industry’s lack of diversity is a reflection of how challenging it can be to break into. Most starting positions are unpaid, which considering living costs in cities like London, New York and San Francisco excludes all by the significantly privileged. The academy aims to address this in a small way, helping to make the media industry more reflective of society as a whole.  So far we have reached over 150 young people across our home cities.
The Academy has global appeal: wherever you find young people, charities and professional filmmakers who are willing to give some of their time. If you fall into one of those groups, or if you want to make a donation, please drop us a line. We're always looking for new people to work with.

Guardian Gym

Oakland Academy, 2018

Back On My Feet

New York Academy, 2017

Beating Bowel Cancer

London Academy, 2016

Manor Gardens - Behind the Scenes

London Academy, 2015

Back On My Feet - Behind the Scenes

New York Academy, 2017

Beating Bowel Cancer - Behind the Scenes

London Academy, 2016

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