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What is 'The Casual Experience'?

Many organizations talk about their culture -- and it's for good reason. Your internal culture permeates through everything: the happiness of your employees, the caliber of work they do, and the direct success of your business. So what does culture look like at Casual? Global Marketing Manager, Sanica Apte, describes how our internal culture directly correlates to producing effective content for our clients.


The thing that really makes Casual special is the  culture and freedom here. And that really translates into great client service.

When you have a healthy internal culture,
you are just going to radiate that energy into the work that you do.

And that means better videos made for our clients, better client service and just a better experience all around for everybody.

This is a place where people really care about each other. People are not trying to compete with each other. Everyone's constantly supporting each other.

And those are things that a lot of companies can claim to. But Casual really walks the walk.

We really give people a chance to shine and to explore new things. And I think that's something that really breaks the mold of what a traditional production company or agency looks like.

One of the most unique things about casual is how much trust you're given here. This is not an agency where you're micromanaged within an inch of your life. You're really given the space to learn, to grow, to do your best work.

And of course, that support system is there. If you need help, your executive producer or your line manager is right there, ready and willing, and your peers are always there, ready and willing to help you out of a tough situation that you need to think through or just a decision that you need to make and that space is really what makes for great career growth at Casual.

If you look at our leadership team, a lot of the people that are in those roles at senior leadership are people that have been here from those entry level roles.

They've done every role along the way they've lived and breathed how hard it is to be a production assistant to a producer, to an executive producer and beyond.

And that is really what makes the casual leadership team special. The culture comes from the top and any organization, and that is so true here.

The key word that kind of embodies our culture is empathy. We really understand one another, are attuned to what each other are going through and understand that work and life are a big mesh that we're all trying to navigate.

So the support that we get for a positive work life balance and a positive culture and a positive working experience are all things that feed into making great content for our clients.

The Casual model is very thoroughly people led. It's the people that make great content. It's people that tell great stories and it's people that provide great client service and attention to detail.

All of those things wrapped up into one, make for a great Casual experience. So the Casual culture is really something that fuels some great outcomes for our clients, because the better that we work together, the better content we make for you and the more effective your content is to meet your goals. 


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